Occupy NYC Is Back And They Want $1 Billion Or They Aren’t Leaving

The occupation began last Tuesday, ahead of the city’s 1 July budget deadline, when a group of about 100 protesters parked themselves outside City Hall. In just a week, the protest has grown dramatically in size and also changed in strategy – with some activists now saying they will continue to camp out at the park past the budget deadline. The protest – dubbed Occupy City Hall – quickly became a well-oiled operation. By night, veteran organizers and first-time activists slept on a small patch of grass or spread out over tarps and blankets across the park Support the show.


Protesters Support Black Lives Matters With Blackface

“Many ‘influencers’ have been sharing photos of themselves wearing blackface as an act of solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. Even after receiving backlash, some are still refusing to take down their posts. How can you “spread awareness” about a subject you know so little about? If you genuinely care about a cause, the least you can do is educate yourself about it. Support the show.


How Did The Left Lose Their Minds “Collectively And Individually?”

Sadly, we live in a time where the unthinkable has become tolerable, where the tolerable has become acceptable, where the acceptable has become legal. We now live in a time where the legally acceptable, barely tolerable, and in some cases, outright unthinkable has become praised. And, in some cases, it has even become mandatory to accept the unthinkable. VISIT, BOOKMARK, AND SHARE: http://www.waynedupree.com WAYS to LISTEN to the Wayne Dupree Show Support the show.


Defunding the Police Is Crazy And Would Be A Suicidal Move

Minneapolis City citizens want to dismantle their police department. Will the protesters/rioters learn from what happens next, or will they just escalate? I'm betting they will escalate. But, the worst part of this will be how the media will blame Pres. Trump.

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