[VIDEO] Popular Liberal Radio Host Wants to Know Why Black Voters Support “Racist” Biden and Bloomberg 

“Old black people in South Carolina do love Joe Biden, but I would have to ask black voters the question — why do the old white men who have the most racist legislation toward black people, why are they the top two front-runners when it comes to black support?” – Charlemagne Tha God

Harry and Meghan Kickoff Their New “Royal-Free Life” With a Swanky JP Morgan Speaker Gig in Miami

If they’re going to become financially independent they’re going to have to start doing more gigs like this!

[VIDEO] Rock and Martin Dunk on Hollywood Elites Over CA Homeless Crisis and Mock Dems Iowa Debacle

How many times do these liberal snobs have to be m0ocked before thy actually feel any real shame?

[VIDEO] Anti-Trump Actor Shia LeBeouf Accused of “Mocking” Down Syndrome Oscar Co-Presenter on Stage

I love that the very people who push this “cancel culture” (like the rabidly anti-Trump Shia LeBeouf) are now feeling the bitter sting of the very mob they helped create.

[VIDEO] Brad Pitt Who Recently Agreed Celebs Shouldn’t Talk Politics, Gets Really Smug and Political at #TheOscars

These Hollywood elites are such liars and hypocrites they can’t keep their word on anything.

[VIDEO] Oprah Breaks Down in Tears Over Snoop Dogg’s Death Threats to Her BFF Gayle King

When feminists use Kobe’s death to score #MeToo points, tensions run high.

[VIDEO] Gutfeld Claims Bette Midler is So Nuts ‘Elephants Keep Trying to Eat Her’

Gutfeld sums up Midler’s meltdown with one hilarious phrase

Harvey Weinstein Throws Super Bowl Party Night Before Rape Trial

The movie exec seems like he’s not worried in the slightest of how people may perceive him…

Vanessa Bryant Pays Tribute to Her Daughter Gigi and Husband Kobe 10 Days After the Crash

As always our thoughts and prayers are with the Bryant family as they go through the unimaginable

If You Wanna Cuddle Pigs For A Good Cause — There’s a Job for That

Who knew people would be lining up to snuggle pigs!?

Ari Shaffir Dropped By Major Talent Agency After He Posts Video Celebrating Kobe Bryant’s Death

Following backlash the comedian has attempted to defend himself

Megan Markle Doppelgänger Shakes the Internet

Missouri mom has an uncanny resemblance to the Duchess of Sussex