Report: Back Home in Canada Meghan Markle Calls Royals “Weird” Says Kate Middleton “Uptight”

Meghan absolutely slams the royal family to friends, calling them “weird” and stating that her and Prince Harry were right to leave.

Report: Harry Tells Queen Grandma She Doesn’t Own The Word “Royal” in Shocking and Defiant Statement

The prince formally known as Harry is now telling Grandma that she doesn’t “own the word royal.” 

[VIDEO] Katy Perry Collapses After American Idol “Gas Leak” During Show Auditions 

As Katy hit the floor she whimpered, “I’m not feeling good.” 

[VIDEO] Yikes! “Wheel of Fortune” Puzzle Stuns Viewers With Creepy Sexual Innuendo

Is this the producers attempt to keep viewers on their toes?

Report: Huh? Cory Booker’s “Girlfriend” Just Came Out as “LGBTQ”

Uh, raise your hand if this news does NOT shock you.

The Queen Just Ruined Meghan and Harry’s Dreams of Fame by Completely Stripping Their Royal Titles

This is a pretty funny turn of events for the two entitled ex-royals.

Anti-Trump Arnold Schwarzenegger Praises and Thanks President Trump in Surprising Tweet

Arnold Schwarzenegger may be the first case of a reversal of Stage Five Trump Derangement Syndrome.

“Pretenders” Lead Singer Chrissie Hynde Praises Trump For Honoring Rush Limbaugh

It’s refreshing to see a celebrity share her feelings and beliefs like a normal person.

Cher Finally Realizes Dems Can’t Beat Trump and Her Meltdown is Pretty Epic (and Insane)

Cher just woke up and realized all the Dem candidates suck

[VIDEO] Chaka Khan Butchers National Anthem at NBA All Stars – Fans Say Worse Public Performance on Record

This performance was like a glass of milk…The longer it went on the more rancid it got 😂

Report: Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters: “Trump’s a Mass Murderer Whose Supporters Turned America Into a Fools Hell”

Well, it looks like Pink Floyd lead singer Roger Waters has taken one too many hits of acid and has gone completely bonkers.