[VIDEO] He’s Right! Trump Says Warren Didn’t Lose Because Of Sexism, People Didn’t Like Her

Such a victim. Did she identify any reasons she was lacking? Any self reflection on how to run a better campaign or become a better candidate? I thought not.

Opinion: How Can America Elect A Man Who Seems To Hate His Own People? His Homeland?

If you won’t embrace the Republican Party that supports Jews and Israel and protects the interests of both, at the very least, become independents rather than committed Democrats.

[VIDEO] Confused Joe Biden Calls North Korea’s Leader “Cum Jong-un” During Campaign Event

How could any world leader respect a man who has literally lost his last marble? 

[VIDEO] Confused Biden Tells Small Rally Crowd “We can only re-elect Donald Trump”

Joe Biden can’t talk or think straight. Very sad. This man needs help.

Opinion: Hey Dems, A Revolution Is Not What Americans Want, We Need A Constitutional Revival!

We can’t afford the Warren-Sanders’ vision for America. They would not just bankrupt the government but also every normal family.

[VIDEO] Sanders Rally-Goer Unfurls Nazi Flag During Packed Event

A rally-goer at a Bernie event unfurled a gigantic Nazi flag

Opinion: What Did We Learn From Super Tuesday? Dems Are Up Stream Without A Paddle

Does it hurt to be educated on politics if you plan on participating in that arena? Emotion is good but shouldn’t rule your thought process, and Dems are known for that.

Opinion: Trump Supporters Enthusiastic About 2020; Dems Not So Much Which Is Understandable, LOL!

The Democrat Party has a problem. If they do not see it, they are stupid. If they like it, they are crooked. If they do not fix it, they are history. We get the government we deserve.