Opinion: AOC’s Dream Of Socialist America Is Going Up In Flames

AOC is one of those delusional lefties, who has no contact, outside of her parochial world, filled with other lefties, who share her hard-line views.

[VIDEO] Brazile Dismisses Away Biden Cursing At Michigan Voter: “He’s A Man Of Passion”

As for Biden, I’m sorry but if that’s passion, then Trump is not showing enough passion. Seriously, not even Trump yells at his voters like that.

[VIDEO] Auto Worker who Confronted Joe Biden About Gun Control: “He Went Off the Deep End”

Jerry Wayne, the man who Biden lashed out at, appeared on Fox News to discuss his interaction with the unhinged Dem frontrunner.

Flashback Report: Secret Service Agents Claim Biden Would Swim “Naked” In Front of “Uncomfortable” Female Agents

In the book, a disturbing picture of Joe Biden emerges where he uses his power and influence to make women feel uncomfortable. Sound familiar? We’ve all seen the countless videos of him pawing and smelling women.

Report: Social Media Flags Biden’s Actual “Gaffe Video” as “Manipulated Media”

Biden’s actual blunders are so over the top that they don’t seem “real,” but they are. Scary

[VIDEO] Wolf Blizter Clueless on Live TV as CNN Makes Another Embarrassing Blunder

CNN has one job to do…”report” the news. They never get it right. But sometimes they get it so embarrassingly wrong that it’s worth a laugh.

Opinion: Media Still Covering Up For Warren’s Awful 2020 Performance? Get Over It!

Warren would have said literally anything to get elected. Coupled with her “nails on a chalkboard” voice and her constant fabrications, she stood no chance and Americans were smart enough to see through her.

[VIDEO] Young Supporters Eagerly Cheer and Nod For Muslim Cleric Speaking Only Arabic at Bernie’s Detroit Rally

Look at these people….nodding their heads in agreement with a man who is speaking a language that I’m sure NOBODY in that group understands.

[VIDEO] Creative Camera Work Makes Biden’s Detroit Rally Look “Packed” … Until the Camera Pans Out

What starts off looking like a big firey rally in a packed arena in Detroit – Maybe Joe Louis or Cobo Hall – ends up being a half-full high school gym.

[VIDEO] Joe Biden Snaps and Gets Into Another Nasty Altercation With a Voter…”You’re Full of Sh*t!”

Here’s a guy calling for the “divisiveness” and “mean stuff” to end, while he’s running around the country berating voters, poking them in the chest, and yelling at them. ALL THE TIME.