Biden Blatantly Lies About Being VP During Parkland Shooting

The left-wing media is beginning to sour on Joe. I think the want someone younger and much more progressive. Expect another four years of Trump.

Democrat Candidate Pete Buttigieg: ‘Systemic racism is a white problem’

I assume Buttigieg has the streets in South Bend paved in silver and gold.

Tulsi Gabbard on Kamala Harris: ‘I Pointed Out’ Some ‘Huge Problems’ with Her ‘Leadership’ in California

Hawaii Democrat and 2020 candidate for president spoke with Fox Business Network on Wednesday

Buttigieg Claims Trump Condones “White Nationalism,” Even Though The Mayor Has Problems In His City

Democrats have been working quietly to sow discord and increase division amongst us.

Biden: “The Economy, As Well As The Soul Of This Country, Is Collapsing Because Of This Presidency”

Pres. Trump continues to highlight unemployment record lows for African Americans and Hispanics, while the labor force participation rate is at 63.2 percent.

California Redesigns Website Making It Harder To Check Kamala Harris Record As AG

This reminds me of what happened to Barack Obama’s 2007 run. They sealed his college records and made them unavailable for the public to see.

‘Pragmatist’ Hickenlooper Slams Far-Left Democratic Colleagues for Pushing ‘Big, Bold Ideas’ That Won’t Happen

Former Colorado governor shared his moderate views (imagine that!) during a Fox News chat last night

Harris Driven to Her Knees, as Biden Surges

Still think we can’t lose, think it’s already a shoo-in against a weak opponent? So did President Hillary Clinton.

Gabbard TKOs Harris In The Second Round — She Jailed People For Marijuana Violations Then Laughed About Doing It Herself

Harris should have known this was coming. She is a lightweight and it was exposed and it’s not over

CNN Team Slams Castro For Decriminalizing Illegal Border Crossing Policy — Don’t You Have Another Way?

If there was any question about what Democrats want to do with our border, Castro’s answer should solidify their intentions. It won’t stop with him either.

Matthews Calls Out Warren For Dodging Middle-Class Tax Increase To Pay For Medicare For All

Matthews is a shell of himself but at least during this segment, he was holding a politician accountable.

Dem Candidate Claims Other Candidates Supporting Eliminating Private Health Insurance Will Lose 48 States To Trump

Every one of the socialists will destroy the healthcare system and take the economy. It is about control and removing individual freedom nothing

Warren’s New Idea: “Transfer” $640 Billion In Student Loans To — American Taxpayers

Sorry American taxpayers should not suffer because the student wanted to attend a university to get a liberal arts degree and can not afford the payments.

Gillibrand Calls Her $10 Trillion Price Tag To Resolve Climate Change A “Moonshot” To Save Planet

I believe that people like Ms. Gillibrand may be trying to bankrupt our economy so that they might be able to pick up what’s left and have exclusive power

Socialist Bernie Sanders Runs From Reporter Who Questions Him About Using Private Jets

According to Politico, Sanders spent over $340,000 on private jet flights during the 2016 presidential campaign

Biden Kisses Young Woman On Stage During Campaign Stop — It’s His Granddaughter!

Another extremely creepy moment has just emerged from Joe Biden and this one has seemingly taken things to the next level.

Sanders Complains About His Staff GOING TO MEDIA About Not Getting $15 An Hour

Why does he even need so much staff? It’s not like the Socialist has a chance in hades of winning a presidential election