Amy Klobuchar Is Up Next For Fox News Town Hall!

Expect every Democrat that rushes to Fox will further prove Tom Perez an idiot.

Dem 2020 Candidate Pete Buttigieg Responds To Anti-Gay Heckler At Rally

Keep in mind no matter how good looking or how well Pete may appear he is still a tax and spend open border big government pro-regulation democrat

Fox News Shows DNC Huge Ratings For Town Hall; Sanders Gains Larger Audience

Loughlin And Husband Plead NOT GUILTY; We Didn’t Have Bad Intentions, Were Manipulated!

2020 Candidate Kamala Harris Releases 15 Years Of Tax Returns

The average person can’t even understand their returns let alone people who make the kind of money these politicians make.

Booker Against Sending Illegals Into Sanctuary Cities — Trump Trying To Divide, Would Make Us Less Safe

I can hear Booker trying to explain that as long as the population of illegal immigrants is spread evenly all over the US instead of just into sanctuary cities

2020 Dem Candidate Kamala Harris — I Own A Gun Too And Use It For Personal Safety

The Second Amendment is a core concept of this country, and believe it, or we are not “America” without it.

Sanders Believes Felons Behind Bars Should Be Able To Vote In Elections

It also shows just how depraved leftist policies are. People who make multiple, seriously bad decisions and end up in jail also favor leftist policies.

Joe Biden — My Intention From The Beginning Was To Be The Last Person To Announce

It’s obvious Joe won’t win his own supporters with these allegations hanging around his neck like a mardi gras festival.

Compilation Of Democratic Hopefuls and Reparations Is A Pandering Must-See!

Do your lineage a solid and change around your lifestyles. Do all you can and make your ancestors proud of their descendant’s actions.

Meghan McCain Defends Joe Biden From Women Accusers — This Is A Hatchet Job!

If Biden doesn’t run, or is surpassed in the polls by a different candidate, the opposition from the left will target them as well.

Pete Buttigieg Says Obamacare Was Originally A Conservative Idea; Crying ‘Socialism’ is Tired

It is undisputed that the idea originated with the conservative Heritage Foundation in the 1990s, and was the basis for Romneycare in Massachusetts.

Bernie Sanders Schedules Town Hall With Fox News As Moderators

Surprised he’s going on with Donna Brazile working at Fox News! Make sure she doesn’t give him any answers

Howard Schultz Insists He’d Work with Both Parties, Says People Want Leadership They Can Trust

He hasn’t announced yet for 2020, but former Starbucks CEO gives status quo a thumbs down

GOP Flake Wants Democrat To Defeat Trump In 2020

Some RINOs are easy to spot and some are well masked. Flake is the former. About 45 RINOs and “establishment Republicans” were removed from the federal congress in 2018

Biden’s Sexual Harassment Allegation Response #2 — “I May Not Recall These Moments The Same Way”

ust because it isn’t a full on rape doesn’t mean it’s not predatory behavior. Maybe it’s true, that Biden doesn’t recognize his actions could be deemed an assault.

Warren Says NOBODY Cares About The Mueller Report

Warren and the other Democratic candidates will not gain any traction with this Mueller report as it will fade in the horizon just like all the other fake news

Young Republican Wants To Give Party Fresh Face In Congress, With No Scandals Or Controversies

Criticize this kid if you want, but he’s her only challenger at the moment. If you’ve got a better option, run him. If not, get behind this young man because so far, he is that district’s only hope.