McDonalds Customers Aren’t Happy Their Cars Got Towed While They Were Eating

Can you imagine not finding your car when leaving McDonald’s?

Ohio Storeowner Who Tried To Get Phone Number Of 14-Year-Old Confront By Her Family!

Family confronts 48-year-old man trying to get phone number of 14-year-old teen

Contractor BUSTED With Insurance Scam Fake Fall; The Attempt Was Just Terrible!

I didn’t laugh when I watched the video because I said to myself, how many more people are doing this

Community Comes Together To Help Provide For Missouri Family With No Heat!

So happy this family got help with this nightmare

Officers Defend Actions As Guns Drawn On Toddler Walking Toward Them With Hands Raised

These parents probably do not give a damn that this happened!

Wife Charged With Beating Husband — With Broomstick And Cookbook!

We’ve said for a long time, men get abused too but rarely do they call the police

Older Man Performs Impressive Michael Jackson Moves On Street — Including The Moonwalk!

I think Michael Jackson would have been proud of this effort

This Is An Awesome Way To Avoid Getting Robbed By Drive By!

Even though this is hilarious, there’s a lesson to this

Woman Slams Door On Secret Service After Posting Anti-Trump Speech On Facebook!

I think anyone that makes a threat against the President should face charges, no questions asked.

51-Year-Old Man Knocks Out 12-Year-Old Girl Protecting His Family

What side do you fall on? Should this man have the right to protect his family or was he wrong for his actions?

Road Rage Driver Had Enough After The Second Knockdown

What possesses people to think they can get satisfaction while driving?

CHICAGO — Woman With Concealed Carry License Defends Life Against Attacker

Guns Save Lives. This man would be alive today if he hadn’t been so greedy for someone else’s stuff.

Nearly 100 People Tell You Their Salaries; You’ve Never Seen Anything Like This

I don’t know whether or not to say they are wrong for doing so or applaud their forwardness

Snoop Dog — Nobody In The Federal Government Should Vote For Trump After Shutdown

Believe it or not, a lot of individuals on these gossip boards don’t subscribe to Snoop Dog’s beliefs

He’s Got It! He Just Explained Why 99% Of Men Do Not Approach Women

This young man is spot on with his analysis.

Man Who Tried To Kidnap Woman Follows Her Into A Nearby Karate Studio!

She breaks free, and runs into a nearby karate studio pleading for help. You can already see how this ends: