[VIDEO] Chris Cuomo Throws Unhinged Hissy Fit Over Martha McSally

The lunatics over at CNN are still having nervous breakdowns over Martha McSally calling one of their fake news “reporters” a “liberal hack.”

[VIDEO] “You’re Impeached Forever!” Pelosi Celebrates Impeachment on TV With a “Fist Bump”

Nancy Pelosi went low by laughing and mocking President Trump on Bill Maher’s show…and capped it off with a “fist-bump”

[VIDEO] LSU Quarterback Heaps Praise on Trump After WH Visit ‘He Showed So Much Love’

LSU Quarterback Joe Burrow was sure to tell the liberal media just how amazing President Trump is!

[VIDEO] Trump’s Got an “Ace in the Hole” That Gowdy Says Must Be Used Over and Over During Senate Trial

Gowdy reveals Trump’s “single best” piece of evidence that he has in his arsenal

[VIDEO] Sorry Gwyneth, Martha Stewart is Grossed Out by Your Creepy Feminist ‘Vagina-Scented Candle”

We’re now celebrating women’s periods, mood swings, and armpit hair. It’s gotten absolutely ridiculous.

[VIDEO] Tucker Humiliates CNN’s Brian Stelter Over His Laughable Upcoming ‘Fake News’ Documentary

Tucker Carlson shreds talentless CNN hack Brian Stelter and his upcoming “fake news” documentary

Video: Hero Couple Chase Amber Alert Car Traveling 100 MPH While Talking To 911

Massachusetts State Police troopers used a road construction site along the Massachusetts Turnpike to funnel traffic into one lane, slowing down traffic to a crawl.

[VIDEO] Kamala laughs Over Impeachment Until She Realizes Cameras Are Rolling

Impeachment reaction: Kamal goes from giddy to somber real quick when she realizes the cameras are rolling.

[VIDEO] Jeopardy Contestants Have No Idea Who Adam Schiff is LOL

Just a reminder – Facebook, fake news media, and Twitter are not “the real world.” It’s a bubble and a drop in the bucket of life.

[VIDEO] Michael Medved Predicts Michelle Obama Waiting in the Wings For a “Brokered Convention”

If there’s a brokered convention anyone can just walk in and take the whole thing.

[VIDEO] Whoops! Ukraine Foreign Minister Says Dems New “Bombshell” Witness is a Liar 

In the Dems “fairytale” land, reality and facts don’t matter – just feelings, conjecture, and conspiracy theories.