[VIDEO] San Fran Passenger Handcuffed, Cited for Eating Sandwich on Platform And Fined $250

Remember San Francisco. You voted for this. A long with being able to poop anywhere you want. Enjoy.

[VIDEO] McCain Suspicious of Haley’s ‘Tillerson and Kelly Story’ Because She Has a ‘Secret Plan’ at Work

Raging globalist and anti-Trump shill Meghan McCain warns former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley’s “Rex Tillerson and John Kelly” story should be taken with a grain of salt

[VIDEO] Alex Trebek Chokes Up On-Air When Contestant Uses His ‘Final Answer’ To Send Him a Special Message 

A contestant caught “Jeopardy” host Alex Trebek off guard during last night’s show.

NBC Airing Exposé on Gavin’s Failure: Violent Homeless Assaulting Citizens ‘He Dumped a Bucket of Diarrhea on my Head’ 

The local NBC station is airing a “Streets of Shame” segment that is set to expose Gavin Newsom’s failures.

[VIDEO] Pro-Trump MMA Fighter Tara LaRosa Severely Bitten While Subduing Anti-Trump Protester During Flag Ceremony 

Tara jumped in and stopped the crazed liberal by using her jiujitsu skills to hold her down.

[VIDEO] Pro-Trump Actor Robert Davi Accuses Dems of Sedition ‘I Spit on The Democrat Congress…I Spit on You’

Pro-Trump actor Robert Davi says the “seditious” Democrats spend our time and money on “bullsh*t” instead of taking care of our nation.

[VIDEO] Schiff’s Witness Alex Vindman Will Be Removed From His WH National Security Post

Hooray! Alex Vindman, the Deep State stooge who is under the impression that he and his cronies are the ones who “set foreign policy” will be REMOVED from his current NSC post at the White House.

[VIDEO] Cindy McCain Whines That John Would be ‘Disgusted’ by Today’s GOP (Good!)

McCain said her late husband (and warmongering traitor) John McCain, would be “disgusted” by today’s Republican Party. AWESOME!

[VIDEO] Confessions From a Retired Abortion Doctor: ‘I’ve Killed More People Than Ted Bundy’

In an interview with the “Daily Signal,” Dr. Aultman said she changed her mind on abortion when she realized abortion dehumanizes unborn babies the same way Nazis in Germany dehumanized people.

Restaurant Mgr Gets 10 Yrs In Prison; Employee Worked 100 Hours/Wk With No Pay For 5 Years!

What makes my heart go out to his young man is he didn’t even know what racism was. He didn’t see the situation that he was in was against the law.

[VIDEO] Trump Gets Standing Ovation At Alabama-LSU Game, Crowd Chants ‘4 More Years!’

When you go outside of the TDS progressive bubble and actually mingle with normal everyday Americans, suddenly everything looks and feels a lot different.

[VIDEO] CNN Foiled Again…African American Man Disgusted With ‘Unfair’ Impeachment ‘The Man’s Just Trying to Help The Country’

CNN Can’t catch a break. When they leave their little anti-Trump kook bubbles of D.C. and New York and speak to normal Americans they get the same negative message about impeachment.

[VIDEO] Conservative Twins Respond To Black Man Dying Over Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich!

Over the last few years, the Hodge Twins have aimed to legitimize themselves as stand-up comedians and actors. They now do comedy tours all over the world.

[VIDEO] Texas Teacher Fired and Arrested After Video Footage Surfaces of Her Brutally Beating and Stomping a Student 

The teacher is 32-year-old Tiffani Shadell Lankford and she can be seen beating the snot out of the student and then “stomping” her after she fell on the ground.

[VIDEO] First Muslim Somali Woman Wins City Council Seat in MN, Doesn’t Speak English During Acceptance Speech

When she delivered her acceptance speech, the only word she said in English was “thank you.”

[VIDEO] Joy Behar Quietly Urges Whoopi Not to Use Don Jr.’s Name When Introducing Him on ‘The View’ and Whoopi Listened

As a matter of fact, the ladies on “The View” were so TRIGGERED by the presence of Don Jr. that they couldn’t even say his name.