Want To Clear The Room? Ask 2020 Dem Candidates About Late-Term Abortions

Liberals oppose a death sentence for violent criminals but support a death penalty for inconvenient pregnancies. Enough said.

Schwarzenegger Attacked At Public Appearance — Man Shouts HELP ME When Dragged Off!

Dude is 70 years old and took it like a champ, completely unfazed. The T-800 takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

Hansen VS Predator — Not Even Chris Was Prepared For This One!

His mental state proved even more so why he would be a danger to a child. Sad story or not.

Maher Guest Suggests Trump Needs To Suffer Same Fate As Jamal Khashoggi As Audience Applauds!

Lebowitz: “Whenever I think about this and what he really deserves, I think we should turn him over to the Saudis…his buddies

You Can Now Get The “Donald Trump” Haircut!

I’ve never seen anything like this before but I’ve seen a lot worse in today’s society

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — “I Don’t Care If You’re Undocumented”

You can’t pick and choose when to abide by the rules and when to ignore them. Either we all follow the law or we don’t.

Fan Made Movie For Darth Vader Goes Viral — One Of Best Videos On YouTube

Acting is good, costumes and makeup are spot on, CGI and camerawork is very well done, and the story was interesting. Excellent work on this.

Buffalo Evades An Attack From Lions And Crocodile At The Same Time!

Extremely stunning moments caught on camera. I am very happy that the buffalo survived.

MSNBC Disrupts Robert Mueller’s Easter Sunday After Church Service

Special counsel Robert Mueller muttered a “no comment” to an MSNBC reporter Sunday

UNC, Duke Hold Joint Conference That Seems To Trash Israel [VIDEO]

This video is enlightening and sickening to say the least. Conservative speakers plead for security just to be able to express their opinions

Josh Pulls “I Got A Girl Pregnant” With Mom; Don’t Try This At Home!

Josh almost found himself out on the streets with no clothes or food!

Mexican-American Businesswoman Attacked For Wearing MAGA Hat!

It never occurred to me give an Obama supporter a hard time because he sported a bumper sticker on his car

War Of The Roses — Boyfriend Says Girlfriend Has Changed With New Job, That’s Not All!

New jobs are about bringing in new changes but nothing like this!

War Of The Roses — Girlfriend Wants To Know If Boyfriend Fancies Her Best Friend

How would you handle this? Would you go off or would you calmly deal with the relationship professionally?

Family Killed Matriarch In 2017; Continued To Cash Checks

Police also reported that Tara and Briar cashed numerous monthly payment checks sent to Sandra for several years which makes this worse.

School Principal Dies After Donating Bone Marrow To Save Another Life!

Dr. Nelson died after an operation to donate some of his bone marrow to a sick boy in France.