[VIDEO] Watch: Shock Admission From Blasey Ford’s Attorney…Attack on Kav was For Roe v Wade 

Christine Ford’s lawyer Debra Katz says they were putting “an asterisk” next to Kavanaugh’s name in case Kavanaugh attacked Roe v. Wade and claimed that was  part of what motivated Christine.

[VIDEO] Watch: Horror Show As Biden’s Eye Literally Fills With Blood During CNN Town Hall

Former Vice President Joe Biden appeared to have a blood vessel burst in his left eye while participating in CNN’s town hall on climate change.

[VIDEO] Culture Clash? 7-11 Employee Busted Washing Feet at Coffee Station for ‘Religious Reasons’

The sink is next to a coffee machine and across from a grill station. The footage turned stomachs while others came to the employee’s defense.

[VIDEO] Watch: Biden Appears Unable to Stay Awake During Shocking MSNBC Interview

Yikes! It looked as if Great Grandpa Joe was unable to stay awake during an interview with Andrea Mitchell. 

[VIDEO] Watch: Black Man Tells White Liberals He’ll Donate His ‘Reparations’ To Trump 2020 Campaign

It’s always fun to watch clever Trump supporters pull one over on dopey liberals, right? That’s precisely what happened when […]

Health Conscious Massage Therapist Vegan Aussie Sues Neighbors For Barbecuing

Was she an only child, and how homeschooled was she? If all you want is peace, if you’re going to live a certain way and only eat certain things

Helicopter View Shows Total Destruction Of Abaco, Bahamas After Hurricane Dorian!

This video shows you the devastating power of Hurricane Dorian. I pray there are not too many fatalities

[VIDEO] WATCH: ‘IT’S LUNACY’ Seinfeld Actor Supports Trump, Trashes ‘Will and Grace’

Former “Seinfeld” actor John O’Hurley appeared on Fox News to weigh in on the dustup between “Will & Grace” stars […]

[VIDEO] WATCH: Biden Speaks to ‘TENS OF PEOPLE’ At Labor Day Campaign Event LOL

Imagine being the Democrat frontrunner during a presidential election year and only drawing “tens of people” at a major Labor […]

Police Searching For Two Woman, Three Men And A Baby — Attempted To Rob Popeyes At Gunpoint!

How do you decide to rob Popeye’s at gunpoint with a baby?

[VIDEO] WATCH: Dramatic Viral Footage of Massive Cali Boat Fire. 33 Feared Dead

The unthinkable occurred during the wee hours of Labor Day morning, when a 75-foot charter boat caught fire and sank near Santa Cruz, California.

[VIDEO] WATCH: GOOD GUY With a Gun Stops Would-Be Robber in Under 12 Seconds

A would-be robber entered the store, completely unaware that the clerk was licensed to carry a firearm.

[VIDEO] WATCH: U.S. Open Freaks Out, Fines American Player $10k For Making ‘Gun Gesture’ 

American doubles player Mike Bryan, has been fined $10,000 by the US Open for pointing his racket as if it were a gun.

NY Police Searching For Gang Of Kids That Brutally Attacked 67-Year-Old Woman

After a short argument, the teens allegedly began their attack. The gang surrounded the elderly woman, pushing and insulting her.

[VIDEO] WATCH: Dave Chappelle Teaches Putz Jussie Smollett What a REAL ASSAULT Feels Like

If Smollett’s career wasn’t already over (it is) Chappelle made darn sure to drive yet another nail into his coffin with this deliciously brutal comedic assault.

[VIDEO] WATCH: Young Girl Softly Sings But What She Does To The Doll’s Head Is Disturbing

Thankfully, President Trump, along with ally collation forces, has worked tirelessly to eradicate ISIS.

[VIDEO] Flustered Ilhan Omar Caught BOLTING Out of Grocery Store to Escape Sea of Reporters

Frustrated and embattled Congresswoman Omar was caught on video bolting out of a grocery store, as she attempted to escape a sea of eager reporters.

[VIDEO] Unhinged Biden Supporter Lunges at Man in MAGA Hat, Threatening Him During Biden Rally

Things really heated up at a sparsely-attended recent Joe Biden rally, but not because of anything the flailing 2020 candidate […]