Heels Aren’t For Every Woman But These Ankle Breakers Are Dangerous!

Young kids today think everything is funny and actually, I did to on this video but it looked so dangerous

Quinnipiac — Support For Wall Between U.S.-Mexico At Highest Support Ever!

“This is the highest level of support for the wall since the independent Quinnipiac first asked the question in November 2016.”

This Santa Kneeled To Honor A Military Veteran

Amen, God bless our military heroes who have served and sacrificed for our country America and freedom we all share, which is never free!

Andy Serkis Mocks Theresa May’s Brexit Plan Reprising His Lord Of The Rings Gollum

The working class overwhelmingly voted for Brexit. Brexit is what is best for Britain.

Good Samaritan Saves Toddler From Near Death!

I can’t believe what I just saw! There’s no excuse for a toddler to be chasing a ball where cars are actively driving

Veteran Tries To Save Man Hanging Up Christmas Lights — EPIC Ending!

It’s nice that this family is giving him a gift and apology for rescuing Clark Griswold

He Tried To Checkmate Employee But Co-Workers From The Back Stepped Up

Family is forever but when you have co-workers like this, you are protected too

Border Patrol Take Down Illegal Family Who Carried Child Over Border Wall

A family with their young baby climbed over a border fence in Tijuana on Thursday, Dec. 13, as many grow restless in shelters south of the border

Three Sonic Employees Arrested After Lacing Kids Meal With Ecstasy Pill

Thank God the 11-year-old saw what was happening and had the awareness to inform her parents

Irish People React To Eating Various American Flavored Snickers — HILARIOUS!

It’s fun watching other cultures taste what we experience. Their reactions are amazing.

Homeless Man Found $17,000; Gives To Food Bank

Police held the money for 90 days and since no one came to claim it, the food bank was allowed to keep it. 

He Thought He Was Ready! Paris Protester Hit With Flash Ball

Hundreds of protesters were arrested as they prepared to battle with French security forces this morning.

You’ll Die Laughing! Irish People Eat Krispy Kreme For Very First Time!”

The guy with the red long hair and beard is adorable. I love his childish like excitement for donuts.

Baltimore Woman Fatally Stabbed As She Stopped To Help Panhandler

When Smith pulled up to the suspect, she rolled down the passenger window to hand the suspect the money and another suspect, a male, ran up to the car, stabbed Smith

Man Confronts Teacher Over Putting Grandson In Dress For 2nd Day

Why do you think there were so many movies in the 90s and early 2000s where straight black men were dressed as women in their roles?

This Compilation Is Why You Should Be Careful On The Road

The number of people that just pull into oncoming traffic amazes me.

Saudi Arabia Drift! I Can’t Believe What I Just Saw And Neither Will You

This looks like something out of a television show

Video Surfaces Of NFL Star Kareem Hunt Pushing And Kicking Female In Hotel

He shouldn’t have let his emotions get to him like that. If the NFL doesn’t suspend this young man for at least a year, there will be a mass blowback