Good Samaritan Stops ANTIFA From Sucker-Punching Counter Protester

There’s always a good guy in the wrong place to help things turn out right

I Bet You Watch This Video Twice!

This is one sure way to get your blood pumping

Would You Jump At The Chance To Perform This Hand-Gliding Act?

If you ever wanted to hand glide, this is a great video to get you motivated

What Type of Person Places People’s Lives At Danger During Rush Hour? WHO?!!

This was something I couldn’t unsee but wanted to warn others to beware

UFC Fighter Jokes — Trump Called Me Before Fight And Said Knock That Russian Out

He also has a fine sense of how to stand out in the “hype” part of a post-victory interview.

If You Saw This In Your Rear View Mirror, What Would You Do?

This had to be one of the worst crashes I’ve seen in a while.

This Dog Walked Into The Wrong ‘Cathood’ — What A Lesson He Learned!

They need a couple of pitbulls for that gang of cats!

Lyft Driver Barrels Into Crowd At Nightclub; Four (4) Injured

The driver was arrested at the scene and NBC4 reported his blood-alcohol content was twice the legal limit

Military Dad Surprises His Son At HS Football Game

I don’t care what anyone says but that right there seeing your loved ones coming home from overseas is definitely worth crying.

12-Year-Old Dies Trying To Save Brother From Fire — Didn’t Know Brother Was Already Safe

That was amazing! That shows it right their that your never old to do anything!

Father Explodes Over Son Failing All College Classes — This Is Real Pain!

How would you deal in a situation like this, and your child is looking at you in your face with a confused look?

If You Dance Outside Your Car, Don’t Close The Door!

This is something “sane” people do not do!

His Road Rage Plan Was Doomed To Fail When He Got Out Of The Car

You know he didn’t anticipate this happening!

Ferrari Gets Pulled Over By Unmarked Police Car At A 100mph!

Note to self: Do not keep driving if police lights are following you