You’ll Die Laughing! Irish People Eat Krispy Kreme For Very First Time!”

The guy with the red long hair and beard is adorable. I love his childish like excitement for donuts.

Baltimore Woman Fatally Stabbed As She Stopped To Help Panhandler

When Smith pulled up to the suspect, she rolled down the passenger window to hand the suspect the money and another suspect, a male, ran up to the car, stabbed Smith

Man Confronts Teacher Over Putting Grandson In Dress For 2nd Day

Why do you think there were so many movies in the 90s and early 2000s where straight black men were dressed as women in their roles?

This Compilation Is Why You Should Be Careful On The Road

The number of people that just pull into oncoming traffic amazes me.

Saudi Arabia Drift! I Can’t Believe What I Just Saw And Neither Will You

This looks like something out of a television show

Video Surfaces Of NFL Star Kareem Hunt Pushing And Kicking Female In Hotel

He shouldn’t have let his emotions get to him like that. If the NFL doesn’t suspend this young man for at least a year, there will be a mass blowback

Good Samaritan Arrested After Helping Passed Out Neighbor Get Home!

I am not sure how this is going to turn out but if the man wasn’t committing a crime and he had the smell of marijuana on his person

FLASHBACK: Remember When Andrew Dice Clay Cursed Out CNN Host, Walked Off Set?

I come on the news two seconds and you want to – every time I do an interview, a guy wants to open his [expletive] mouth

Woman JAILED For Three Months; Police Thought Cotton Candy Was Meth!

she’s filed a lawsuit against Monroe County and the three officers involved for wrongful imprisonment and violating her civil rights.

Wild Black Bear Rushes Man Who Only Has Bow And Arrow As Defense

How would you handle this situation? Would you have found yourself in this predicament?

Teacher Evacuated Entire Class Because Student Wore MAGA Hat

I want this student to know that he should feel very proud of himself for the way he stood up for his beliefs against many others

Good Samaritans, Police Officer Save Women From Burning Car

This definitely shows that law enforcement are out to help the community.

Sometimes It Doesn’t Pay To Get Into Road Rage Arguments

In all of my days, I’ve never seen anyone fly like this man did

Daughter Told Teacher Family Has A Lot Of Weed At Home So Dad Made This Video!

I wonder what this girl will think about this video once she grows up and knows what weed really is.

How Many Men Does It Take To Remove Bike From An Electric Fence

Hilarious and also civilized, when it ends with “You have to straighten the fence out.”

The Chicken Breast Bandit Finally Caught On Tape!

This answers a lot of questions I’ve had about past food in my house disappearing

Good Samaritan Holds Suspect In Area For Police After Fatal Stabbing Incident

Morris wanted Brown to shoot him as he had killed the only person that he ever loved.

Father Asks Facebook Friends To Pray For His Son

It didn’t even have to go this far!