[VIDEO] Beto’s a Deer Caught in Headlights as CNN’s Alisyn Camerota Absolutely Wrecks His ‘Gun Confiscation Plan’

When you’re a progressive Democrat candidate and you’re so awful that you’ve actually lost CNN, there’s nowhere left to go.

[VIDEO] Ted Cruz Goes After LeBron, Tells Him to ‘Get Educated’ Before ‘Kissing up’ to ‘Tyrants and Murderers’ 

Sen. Ted Cruz sent a blistering message to China-apologizer and NBA star LeBron James, who says anyone supporting freedom fighters in Hong Kong are “uneducated.”

[VIDEO] Social Media Skewers Joe After He Claims People ‘Clip Coupons’ in the ‘Stock Market’ During Disastrous Debate

During last night’s Democrat debate, Biden was stammering and confused, as he attempted to address a question on capital gains taxes – and then things went very, very wrong. 

[VIDEO] Mark Levin Exposes ‘Shady Stock Deals’ That Made Nancy Pelosi a Multi-Millionaire

Levin exposed a large IPO deal made back in March, 2008, involving credit card giant Visa, and a “questionable” stock deal that Nancy Pelosi made that helped turn her into a millionaire.

[VIDEO] Rand Paul Slams ‘The View’ Loudmouths, ‘You Can’t Get a Word in Edgewise. Those Women go on and on Yelling and Screaming’

Rand Paul is slamming those hysterical harpies on ABC’s ‘The View,” after he appeared on the show and could hardly get a word in edgewise, thanks to the hyper-emotional screaming and yelling from the hosts.

[VIDEO] Kanye West Storms Out on Kim Kardashian After Argument Over Her ‘Sexy Outfits’ and Photos

West told Kardashian that while he used like her showing off her body, he now realizes that her revealing herself is negatively “affecting” his “soul and his spirit.”

[VIDEO] Bill Clinton Impeachment ‘Special Counsel’ Ken Starr Says ‘Nothing Close to an Impeachable Offense by Trump’

Starr went on to say that there is something “profoundly wrong” with the Democrats lack of transparency, and added that nothing President Trump has done is even remotely close to an “impeachable offense.”

[VIDEO] Whoa: Ted Cruz Just Called on President Trump to Release All Biden-Ukraine Talks

During a Sunday appearance on ‘Face the Nation,’ Cruz called on President Trump to release all Biden-Ukraine talks.

Panera Employee Allegedly Fired After Uploading This Video Exposing Mac & Cheese Preparation

If Panera prepares the food off-site and sends it to its restaurants frozen, it’s still a patently Panera product, so they’re not lying.

[VIDEO] Footage Emerges From Omar’s District Showing Anti-Trump Protesters Chanting ‘Save a Life, Kill a Cop’

Now, more footage has just been uncovered showing anti-Trump protesters calling for the killing of police officers. You won’t see this on the lying mainstream media.

[VIDEO] Beck Just Uncovered More Stunning Evidence of DNC-Ukraine Collusion Plot to Destroy Trump’s 2016 Campaign

The one person who is digging deep into the “Chalupa connection” is former Never Trumper Glenn Beck, and he’s uncovered more evidence of the DNC-Ukraine plot to destroy Donald Trump in 2016.

[VIDEO] AOC Cries Through Doomsday Speech Because Her Dreams of ‘Motherhood’ Are Ruined Due to ‘Climate Change’ 

This woman is in tears because she thinks she can’t have children because the earth will cease to exist in 12-or-so years. Insanity.

[VIDEO] Pennsylvania Teacher Suspended After Hurling Racist Rant Against Black Man

If you give people enough time, they will show you exactly who they are and what they are about.

[VIDEO] MN Protester Spits in Trump Supporter’s Face During Live Interview, His Dignified Reaction Stuns Everybody 

This was hard for me to watch. It hurt my heart to see this kind man treated so disrespectfully, however, it is a perfect example of how stoic and strong our conservative men truly are. 

[VIDEO] Liberal Protesters Violently Assault Trump Supporters Fleeing Minneapolis Rally, Media Silent

People on the scene said it was “violent” and “chaotic,” and Trump supporters were seen actually “fleeing” from the area, with groups of protesters chasing and assaulting them.

[VIDEO] Yep, He Went There…Trump Tells Massive Rally Crowd Biden ‘Kissed Barack Obama’s Ass’

There were so many great moments at last night’s rally, but one of our absolute favorites was when Trump brought down the house explaining how Biden was never a “smart man” or a great VP, but he did know how to kiss Barack Obama’s ass….classic Trump! Must watch!

[VIDEO] Jaw-Dropping Lines For Trump’s Minneapolis Rally, People Started Lining up 48 Hours Ago!

Despite liberal mayor Jacob Frey’s efforts to block tonight’s rally, the good people of Minneapolis began lining up for Trump’s rally in Ilhan Omar’s district a whopping 48 hours ago.