[VIDEO] Beck Calls Out Biden’s Letter Directing Media to Ignore His Ukraine Mess ‘You’re a Traitor to Truth’

The campaign is demanding that media not cover the “debunked claims” or if they do cover it at all, they’re to say that they are “debunked” claims a

[VIDEO] Gowdy Makes the Case For Calling Barack Obama as a Witness in Senate Trial

Gowdy explains that if Biden is a relevant witness for his “quid pro quo” comments on video then so is Obama.

[VIDEO] Did a Producer in Camerota’s Ear Order Her to Stop Criticizing Adam Schiff? You be The Judge…

A very strange thing happened on CNN yesterday and it has a lot of people talking.

[AUDIO] 2 Weeks Before Switching Parties Van Drew Vowed He’d Never Vote For Trump

When something sounds too good to be true it usually is.

[VIDEO] Jonathan Turley Says Dem Impeachment Will Go Down as “Greatest Historic Blunder”

Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley has some very bad news for Democrats.

[VIDEO] Schiff Fights Back Tears During Cornball Impeachment Speech

And the Oscar goes to … Adam Schiff for his dramatic role in “Impeachment Disaster”

[VIDEO] ABC’s Stephanopoulos Caught Frantically Making “Cut It” Gesture on Neck While Trump’s Attorney Speaks

As Jay is prepared to take questions from the press, little George Stephanopoulos is back in the studio having a spastic attack trying to get ABC to cut away from the action.

[VIDEO] Pro-Trump Pac Just Put “Quid Pro Joe” On Blast in Middle of Time Square

The Biden family might want to steer clear of New York City for a while – specifically “Time Square.”

[VIDEO] Trey Gowdy Critiques Schiff’s Performance Thus Far: “Wildly Stupid Trial Strategy.”

One thing is for certain – Adam Schiff isn’t “wowing” anyone with his Senate trial skills, that’s for sure.

[VIDEO] Migrants Say They’ll Wait in Mexico For Democrat to Win 2020 and then Enter the U.S. 

The message that Democrats are sending to foreign invaders is being heard loud and clear

[VIDEO] Florida Voter Hilariously Compares Schiff and Nadler to “Abbott and Costello”…Spot on!

Honestly, if the real Abbott and Costello were holding the impeachment hearings I might watch.

[VIDEO] Gov Abbott Shares Candidate Moment With POTUS That Shows Type of Man Trump Truly is

Governor Abbot decided to share the moment and we’re glad he did because it gave us yet another real-life peek into just how gracious, loving, and warm our America First President is.