[VIDEO] Behar Offers Creepy Perverted Theory For Kellyanne’s Marriage In-Fighting

The women of ABC’s “The View” know a lot about dysfunctional relationships filled with fighting and backstabbing so it’s no wonder that they chimed in on the marriage of Kellyanne and George Conway.

[VIDEO] Gossiping NATO Leaders Caught On Hot Mic Mocking Pres. Trump

Trump does not support Globalism, and all it entailed, therefore he’s not popular with those that do. Europeans are used to the US going along with all of their plans and paying for them as well.

[VIDEO] Watters Humiliates Williams With Facts ‘Impeachment Underwater in Every Swing State’

I thought the Kavanaugh stunt would go down as the greatest political disaster of all time. Little did we know Dems were about to say, “hold my beer” and actually top themselves.

[VIDEO] Cold Feet? Nervous-Looking Schiff Says He Has to ‘Consult With His Colleagues’ Before Committing to Impeachment

After a failed 2-week public hearing, negative polling, and low-ratings, Schiff is not feeling quite so jolly and confident about impeachment.

[VIDEO] Texas Chick-fil-A Looks Like a Ghost Town During Lunchtime

Chick-fil-A has been donating to several pro-abortion groups, groups that push a hardcore progressive ideology, and pro-gay groups. So, it’s no wonder that they’ll experience some major dips in customer traffic.

[VIDEO] Report Says Barr Will Reject IG Findings, Signals John Durham Report is ‘Where The Action is’

The IG report is due to out next week, but there are deep disagreements behind the scenes. Barr is signaling Durham has found something “criminal”

[VIDEO] Biden Staffer Scolds Small, Very Low-Energy Crowd ‘Come On, You Can Do Better Than That!’ 

I gotta admit, this is hard to watch…Turns out there’s a lot of “malarkey” on the “No Malarakey” tour after all.

[VIDEO] Melania Wows in Stunning Figure-Hugging Dress as She Shows Off WH Christmas Decorations 

I say this often, but it’s so true…we have the most gorgeous and graceful FLOTUS of all time. Melania looks and behaves like an angel.

[VIDEO] Biden Claims He’s Spent ‘A Lot of Time’ With Kim Jong-un…Despite The Fact That They’ve Never Met

What in the world is wrong with Joe Biden? It’s one thing to make the occasional “gaffe” it’s quite another to be a senile old fool.

[VIDEO] How Can Dems See This Spontaneous Love and Support For Trump And Still Move Forward With Impeachment Sham?

There is nothing that frustrates Dems and media more than crowds of supporters cheering for President Trump.

[VIDEO] Senator Kennedy Leaves Pompous Chuck Todd Speechless ‘Bill of Rights Isn’t an Ala Carte Menu’ 

Senator Kennedy is a skilled political fighter and he took on the pompous progressive shill Chuck Todd – who’s not even pretending to be “impartial” anymore – and he won.

[VIDEO] Chris Wallace Invites Juan Williams On His Show to Trash Trump’s Afghanistan Troop Visit as ‘Fake’

Chris Wallace is so infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome that he has to put a negative spin on absolutely everything that President Trump does.

[VIDEO] Joe Biden Describes to Crowd How Young Kids ‘Rubbed His Legs Down’ in The Pool

I can’t believe this bumbling old pervert is the frontrunner for the Democrats.

[VIDEO] Alyssa Milano’s Infamous ‘Ugly Cry’ Video is Back With a New ‘$1000 Challenge’ Attached

This woman sobs uncontrollably for foreign children yet sheds no tears for American kids or all the aborted babies slaughtered in this country.

[VIDEO] If You’re a Christian Still Supporting Chick-fil-A, Watch this Brutally Honest Video Exposing Their Deception and Betrayal

Some Christians believe Chick-fil-A didn’t cave to the left. Maybe they don’t want to believe it, maybe they don’t have all the facts.

[VIDEO] Bloomberg Says It’s Good to Tax The Poor So They Won’t Buy Too Many ‘Sugary Drinks’

I can’t imagine why tyrannical billionaire Michael Blomberg entered the 2020 race. Obviously, it’s his gigantic ego because trust me, nobody wants a communist elite snob in the WH

[VIDEO] Citizen Journalist in MAGA Hat Confronts Schiff ‘What Will You do When The Deep State Can’t Protect You Anymore?’

Citizen journalists are so important. And this one here – clad in a bright red MAGA hat did a fantastic job