Josh Pulls “I Got A Girl Pregnant” With Mom; Don’t Try This At Home!

Josh almost found himself out on the streets with no clothes or food!

Mexican-American Businesswoman Attacked For Wearing MAGA Hat!

It never occurred to me give an Obama supporter a hard time because he sported a bumper sticker on his car

War Of The Roses — Boyfriend Says Girlfriend Has Changed With New Job, That’s Not All!

New jobs are about bringing in new changes but nothing like this!

War Of The Roses — Girlfriend Wants To Know If Boyfriend Fancies Her Best Friend

How would you handle this? Would you go off or would you calmly deal with the relationship professionally?

Family Killed Matriarch In 2017; Continued To Cash Checks

Police also reported that Tara and Briar cashed numerous monthly payment checks sent to Sandra for several years which makes this worse.

School Principal Dies After Donating Bone Marrow To Save Another Life!

Dr. Nelson died after an operation to donate some of his bone marrow to a sick boy in France.

Thief Gets Pepper Sprayed; Another Customer Delivers CHAIR JUSTICE!

And that’s when a different guy in the store picks up a chair and starts HITTING him with it.

YouTuber Downs Two Gallons Of Canola Oil After Reaching 50,000 Subscribers!

This is the most craziest eating competition I’ve ever seen in my life I’ve never seen someone eat or drink something like that before

This Road Worker Was Sent Spinning In The Air By A Speeding Car; Police Still Looking For Driver!

Horrifying moment road worker cartwheels through the air after he’s hit by speeding car on busy highway

Biden Jokes With Kid On Stage — He Gave Me Permission To Touch Him All Right?

The excuses being made to defend Biden by Republicans and Democrats are pathetic.

Nurses Bond Out Illinois Father Who Broke Several Traffic Laws Rushing Child To Hospital!

If I were in this situation, I would have been arrested also. My main goal would have been to get my child to the hospital

Insurance Scammer Doesn’t Fool Anyone, Not Even The Police Officer On Duty!

This scammer should have known better but he was up for the dramatics and it found him

Man Attacked By DoorDash Driver While Defending Denny’s Employees

If you are going to speak out or defend someone, make sure you have a plan of defense. You never know what form of response you are going to get in return.

Chris Rock Was Instructed Not To Make Jussie Smollett Jokes At NAACP Awards — So He Did Anyway!

Chris Rock boldly joked about Jussie Smollett at the 2019 NAACP Image Awards when he was told not to

SNL Skit Pokes Fun At Jussie Smollett Controversy

In the sketch, comedian Chris Redd played the part of Smollett while another comedian and former star of Grey’s Anatomy Sandra Oh played his manager.

Father Pushes Daughter Out Of Way Of Oncoming Car Before Being Hit

Devore and daughter are only feet away from the sidewalk, a red car can be seen approaching rapidly from the right.

Doordash Delivery Driver Samples Milkshake Before Delivery

“(I thought), ‘Whoa, that’s crazy.’ I mean, how can someone jeopardize the product like that, especially the food?”Malhotra said.