Nearly 100 People Tell You Their Salaries; You’ve Never Seen Anything Like This

I don’t know whether or not to say they are wrong for doing so or applaud their forwardness

Green Beret HANDLES Michael Moore In EPIC Letter — “Crisco Sweating Waste Of Space “

It’s typical of “men” like you to criticize the intestinal fortitude, focus, discipline and patriotism of a sniper.

SO CRAZY! CNN Host Says There Wasn’t Enough Racial Resentment Talk In 2016 Election

Watch what they say to counter their failing narrative but don’t get wrapped up in their nonsense. 

Coulter Doesn’t Agree With Pres. Trump Visiting Border — It’s Beyond Moronic

What is happening with Coulter? What does she want him to do that he isn’t doing?

Rosenstein Set To Step Down When New AG Confirmed

He and Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and those names above have buried, destroyed or altered all the evidence.

Illegal Alien Charged With 3 Counts Of Child Pornography Possession Working At Elite School

According to prosecutors, the illegal alien used a fake name — going by Mario Arguetta

FL Sheriff Israel Has NOT Been Suspended Yet; New Governor Is Taking Action Soon

Conservative media is running fast and loose with the truth but we’re here to keep you straight. 

Conway To Acosta — You’re Such A Smart Ass, Nobody Here Likes You!

CNN’s Jim Acosta tried to get in a few cheap shots with Kellyanne Conway this afternoon and she gave it […]

Former Obama Border Chief — I’m Breaking My Silence To America, Trump Is Right!

A voice that would not be heard if President Trump wasn’t addressing the nation today.

Whoopi To Ocasio-Cortez — Tone Down Rhetoric Against Dem Leadership

The ladies of ABC’s “The View” were not pleased on Monday with a recent interview the New York Democrat gave on “60 Minutes”

Don Lemon Wants Trump Speech Delayed For Editing; Even Cuomo Has Problem With That

I hope nobody thinks the 1st amendment is safe in the hands of these progressives.

Snoop Dog — Nobody In The Federal Government Should Vote For Trump After Shutdown

Believe it or not, a lot of individuals on these gossip boards don’t subscribe to Snoop Dog’s beliefs

He’s Got It! He Just Explained Why 99% Of Men Do Not Approach Women

This young man is spot on with his analysis.

REPORT: Two Men Allegedly American Citizens Captured Fighting For ISIS In Syria!

The U.S. might do well to let them languish in a foreign prison, possibly getting tortured, rather than extraditing them.

Civil Rights Lawyer STUNNED Jazmine Barnes Murderers Were Black Men; “Caught Everyone Off Guard”

It seems to me this lawyer wants to get his hands on the two young men to see if their testimony was coerced and if they are taking the fall for this incident.

Suspects Arrested In Death Of 7-Year-Old Jazmine Barnes; Huge Case Of Mistaken Identity

Both suspects are black and one has confessed to have been involved in the shooting. People need to calm down, not everything is about race.

Man Who Tried To Kidnap Woman Follows Her Into A Nearby Karate Studio!

She breaks free, and runs into a nearby karate studio pleading for help. You can already see how this ends: