Internet Shocked After James Comey Tweets Bizarre “Quarantine Selfie” Where He Looks Like a Totally Different Person

James Comey shared a photo of himself in quarantine and the internet was shocked because he looks like a totally different person. 

[VIDEO] Louisiana Church Defies Governor; Hosts 1,800 Member Service During Coronavirus Stay-At-Home Order; Jesus Will Heal

If anyone gets the virus from these services, they are not allowed to seek medical help or must pay out of pocket for all expenses. All Governors should make this announcement, and you’ll see all the services stop.

Actor Mark Blum, Dead At 69 Due to COVID-19 Complications

Character actor Mark Blum, known for his roles in Desperately Seeking Susan, Law & Order, and Succession, died Thursday of complications from the COVID-19 coronavirus. He was 69.

Royals Horrified as Harry and Meghan Flee Canada for LA to Be Closer to “Hollywood PR Team” During Corona Crisis

The couple is moving to “Coronavirus Central” to be closer to Meghan’s Hollywood PR team

Unhinged Actor Michael Rapaport Goes After Barron Trump in Unthinkably Evil Tirade

Rapaport can attack Trump as much as he wants —the president can handle it— but going after his children crosses the line.

Report: All MD Public And Private Childcare Programs Ordered “Closed” By Friday, March 27th Due To COVID-19

Maryland is closing all public and private childcare programs to all but essential workers at the end of the day Friday, the education department announced.

Bill Gates To POTUS: Country Needs 6-10 Weeks Of Extreme Shutdown

I wonder how much Microsoft would benefit if we shut down for 10 weeks? Would their products be bought so more people could work remotely?

Social Media Pokes Major Holes in Kathy Griffin’s “ICU/Coronavirus” Story, Claim Things Don’t  “Add Up” 

Whoops! There are some BIG PROBLEMS with Kathy’s “Coronavirus” claims and photos.