[VIDEO] William Barr Labels Anti-Trump Resistance a Dangerous Democracy-Shredding Insurgency

William Barr “gets it.” He knows exactly what the Deep State is doing to try and bring down a duly-elected U.S. President.

Did You Know South Korea Has 631 Robot Workers For Every 10,000 Human Employee?

Services account for 70% of the South Korea economy, and this means job losses could be double or triple of what is expected in the manufacturing sector by 2030.

[VIDEO] Schiff’s ‘Star Witness’ Ambassador Yovanovitch ‘No, I Don’t Have Any Info Of Any Criminal Activity By Trump’

Why on earth was Ambassador Yovanovitch invited to testify at the impeachment hearing?

The Dallas Cowboys Will Not Attend NFL/Colin Kaepernick’s Sideshow Workout!

Why would any organization endorse anti-American activities when there would be no harm to America or American Citizens by being patriotic.

Meghan McCain Goes Lower Than Ever, Posts Most Hateful Tweet Yet and Gets Blasted Online

Is there anyone more hateful, bitter and unhappy than Meghan McCain?

[VIDEO] Male Democrat Cries While Questioning Former Ukraine Ambassador LOL

A grown man is crying because some lady he doesn’t know was transferred from one high-paying job to another high-paying job 😂

Report: Progressive Pope Wants to Add a ‘Climate Change Sin’ to Official Catholic Church Teachings

Now, if you use your Webber charcoal BBQ grill or don’t spend your life savings on solar panels you must atone for your sins.

Unbelievable! Local Police Discover In-Home Day Owner Hid 26 Kids Behind Basement False Wall

Those poor little kids (babies and toddlers, actually). It sounds like she’s figured out some kind of ‘system’ to take in as many kids as possible and collect those monthly checks.

[VIDEO] Watch Wolf Blitzer Squirm When Nikki Haley Demands Proof of Trump’s ‘Crime’

Thus far, the Dems have not proven that there was any crime committed by President Trump, and they won’t be able to, because there was no crime committed.

TX Court Of Appeals Places “Indefinite” Hold On Death Row Inmate Rodney Reed’s Scheduled Execution

The decision came hours after the the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole asked Republican Gov. Greg Abbott for a 120-day delay to his execution

[VIDEO] Chris Wallace Laughably Claims if You Weren’t ‘Moved’ By Marie Yovanovitch’s Testimony You Have ‘No Pulse’

It’s official. Chris Wallace has taken over the role of the theatrical and emotional diva Shepard Smith.

Planned Parenthood Hosts All Gender and All Ages ‘Pole Dancing’ Fundraiser With ‘Sex Talks’ and ‘Exotic Performances’

If you’re feeling like the lefts degeneracy is getting more and more out of control, you’re not alone.

Singer And Salvation Army Fix Rift; She Will Perform During NFL Thanksgiving Halftime Show

One more important factor. The lawsuit she was about to step into would have paid Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and the Salvation Army big bucks.

Schwarzenegger Busted as ‘Climate Fraud’ After Pics Show Him Running ‘Errands’ in His ‘SUV Military Tank’ 

Turns out that Arnold Schwarzenegger is a massive hypocrite, like pretty much every single liberal out there.

WOW! 13 Teams Scheduled To Attend Kaepernick’s Weekend Workout

Given that Kaepernick’s girlfriend likened the Ravens’ owner to a slave owner a couple of years ago – and Kaepernick did nothing to refute the assertion, I’d be very surprised if anyone picks him up

Speechless! Dog Rescued After Being “Chained” In Same Area For 10 Years!

I have seen dogs injured and bleeding and everything felt sad but this is the one that gets me, her soul was broken her life was lost

[VIDEO] NFL Player Uses Helmet As A Weapon During Nationally Televised Game!

Garrett could have seriously injured Rudolph, or worse. It’s inexcusable, and the league must take serious and decisive action, immediately.