Joy Behar of ‘The View’: ‘White Guys’ Who Voted to Restrict Abortion Should Be Sterilized

Gov. Kay Ivey signed into law the Alabama Human Life Protection Act on Wednesday — but many on the Left have issues with it

Britney Spears Manager — It’s Possible She Might NEVER Perform Again!

The stress of a child star who becomes an adult who has massive expectations can cause a multitude of mental health issues

Grammer Doesn’t Take Amanpour Bait; Defends Support For Trump!

Grammer has an inner toughness that I like. He has had his share of misery. But he is a fighter and speaks his mind.

Tense Discussion About Alabama Abortion Bill Should Be Heard By All!

I do agree with 700-Club President Pat Robertson that this does seem to go farther than expected

Young Turks Host Claims After Private Conversations On Abortion, Meghan McCain Is Hypocrite

McCain has become increasingly extreme on the issue of abortion rights, even repeating the lie that Democrats support “infanticide,” but it wasn’t always like that.

House Democrats Turn Attention To Investigating DOJ Over Handling of Police Shootings

Dems are doing everything they can to avoid acknowledging the southern border crisis

Alyssa Milano Doubles Down On Her Call For A Sex Strike Because Of Pro-Life Legislation!

Milano never misses a moment to be outraged. She jumps on every bandwagon that rolls by. I feel sorry for her husband. Living with someone so “woke” and indignant must be tough.

AOC Goes After Biden Over Climate Change Middle Ground — ‘I’ll Be Damned”

The fact is, most Americans reject her ideas outright, but she mistakes the adoration of the Twitter mob and CNN/MSNBC as consensus.

Journalism Audit Claims 86 Percent of Google Top Stories Are Left-Wing Based!

Google results have changed vastly from what they used to be. It was sometime around when they bought Youtube.

Napolitano Jumps At Chance To SLAM Kavanaugh Siding With Liberals Against Apple

“Today he and the four liberal members of the court radically expanded the rights of plaintiffs to bring class actions,” Napolitano finished.

Did You Catch NFL QB Aaron Rodgers Burned “Extra Crispy” During Game Of Thrones?

Now in its final season, “Game of Thrones” only has one more episode left after running for eight seasons.

Fox To Cancel Empire After Six Seasons

It’s over for one of Fox’s favorite shows that ran into a snag after the Jussie Smollett incident that happened […]

Texas State University Student Senate Fails To Ban On-Campus Police

The students CAN’T throw the police off that campus any more than they can infringe on the Constitutional rights all Americans have of free speech.

Pirro To Democrats — Are You All Stupid? You Got 98% Of The Full Report You Weren’t Even Entitled To Get

If there is a constitutional crisis, it is due to the Democrats’ conspiracy to overthrow a President of the United Ststes

NBC Law & Order: SVU Rewrites Covington Incident By Placing Ilhan Omar Look-A-Like In Trouble

You can see how leftist TV gets if you start way back in the beginnings of long-running shows and then […]

James Comey Thinks Peter Strzok And Lisa Page Hurt The FBI’s Image

He cares about his disgraced agent? He cares even more about his precious “institution?” But he makes absolutely no mention of the people his agent and institution are supposed to serve.

Former Military Intel Analyst Arrested Charged With Leaking Classified Information To Media

I have no sympathy for the veteran caught up in this but if he has a family, I feel sorry for what they will have to go through.