Piers Morgan Goes on an Epic Twitter Tirade Against ‘Piece of Work’ Meghan Markle

Piers Morgan slams ex-royal couple Meghan Markle and Prince Harry for their self-entitled and “woke” ways

[VIDEO] Hoards of #2A Patriots Flood The Capitol Grounds in Virginia

A violent response is implied in the second amendment when the government becomes tyrannical against its law-abiding citizens. It is the whole reason the second was written.

Report: San Juan’s Anti-Trump ‘Nasty’ Mayor Under FBI Investigation for Corruption

The anti-Trump activist mayor used the people of Puerto Rico and their suffering to push her liberal activism and attack President Trump, who ironically did everything in his power to help the people of Puerto Rico after the devastating hurricane.

Opinion: Former Prince Harry Defends Wife — ‘I Want You To Hear The Truth From Me’

The couple initially never said publicly or on their website they wanted to relinquish their HRH titles. The Queen took necessary action as the couple can’t have the creme de brûlée’s of both worlds.

NBC Reporter Gets Destroyed For Calling Virginia’s #2A Rally a “White Nationalist Rally”

These liberal “reporters” live in an insulated (mainly online) bubble where everything they say and do is perfect and righteous and validated by their fake news colleagues.

[VIDEO] Chris Wallace Shreds “Solemn” Dem Over Impeachment Pens “You Looked Pretty Happy”

Maybe Chris Wallace got the message that Fox News viewers are sick and tired of the “Shep 2.0” act because let me tell you, he ripped this Democrat impeachment manager a new one.

Reports Say Prince Charles ‘Livid’ at Harry and Meghan for Decision to ‘Step Back’ From Royal Duties

Apparently there are a ton of unknowns in wake of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Report: ICE Just Pulled Rank on Lawless de Blasio and Cuomo “This Is Not A Request. It’s A Demand”

ICE has seriously had it with the lawless political clowns in New York

[VIDEO] Officer Spat on, Kicked by Crowd While Arresting Man; Baltimore State’s Attorney Mosby Slams Cops

The anti-cop attitude that comes from Democrats is disturbing – but the worst part is how dangerous it is.

Report: Gay Drag Queen Slams “Extremely Irresponsible” Parents For Taking Kids to “Drag Queen Story Hour”

Conservatives have been screaming from the rooftops that liberal parents are abusing and sexualizing their kids by taking them to “Drag Queen Story Hours” for some time now.