Developer Offers $2K To Oakland Homeless To Leave Area; Nobody Accepts AND Police Escort Him Off Property!

When the government bureaucrats fail to protect the rights of property owners, and instead justify squatters and trespassers- they should not be surprised at the consequences.

Harris RANTS! Trump’s Is Doing These Raids To Distract From His Presidential Failures

Correction: Illegal aliens in this country is a crime against this country’s citizens.

OPERATION “They Can’t Stop All Of Us” — Over 415K Have Pledged To Storm Area 51

As of Friday, 415,000 had RSVP’d they’ll be there in Amargosa Valley with another 427,000 saying they’re “interested.”

Young People In San Fran Are Paying $1.2K A Month To Rent A Bunk Bed — It’s Called PODSHARING!

“The layout of PodShare tends to discourage people who desire to do bad things from coming, so 99.9 percent of the time, Podestrians are awesome and welcome to extend,”

Princeton Study Concludes 300,000 Illegal Children Will Enroll Into Schools In A Few Weeks!

An estimated 7 million to 9 million illegal immigrants are in the U.S., and are the focus of new federal efforts to find and deport those with criminal records and orders to leave.

WOW! This Malaysian Soldier Just Made A PUNK Out Of This Cobra Snake!

After finally grabbing hold of the snake, the soldier gave a wide smile, indicating that the battle has been won.

Storeowner Destroys $2000 Worth Of Ice Cream Of Another Storeowner By Urinating Into Churning Bucket!

This is way past disgusting and this woman is sick! Her evil meter must have been JACKED UP to the highest level to do something like this!

Fox News’ Campos Duffy — “You Have To Wonder Is AOC Working For The Cartels or the American people?”

Fox News Contributor: You have to wonder’ if AOC is working for terrorists, sex traffickers and drug cartels

He Electrocutes Himself And Saves Himself Before He Dies!

While somehow getting shocked from a pressure washer hose handle, this man was seen struggling for several seconds before falling to the ground. After a few tries he successfully unplugged the unit.

Rep. Ilhan Omar Calls Tucker Carlson A “Racist Fool” After He Did Segment On Her!

If you are like me, I am still waiting for Omar to call out the sweeping racism practiced by Muslims in the Middle East.

Epstein Victim Comes Forward — Gives Chilling Account About Being Recruited, Groomed And Raped By Billionaire!

Another woman stepped forward Wednesday with allegations against accused sex predator Jeffrey Epstein, saying the billionaire financier raped her when she was 15

Woman Arrested And Charged With Felony Giving A $5K Tip After Her Meal — Using Boyfriend’s Credit Card!

A woman leaves a 5k tip on a Credit Card that has a man’s name on it. Clearly not her card. The restaurant staff just think it’s cool and runs with it?

Alyssa Milano — If I Were Jeb Bush, I’d Seriously Be Considering Challenging Trump In 2020

The best line in the debates was when Trump told Jeb when we started; you were standing next to me. Now you’re at the end. Next, you’ll be off the stage. And he was.

Bill Clinton Claims He Know Nothing Of Jeffrey Epstein’s “Terrible Crimes”

Easy to disprove all these statements AND they threw in the Clinton Foundation, giving prosecutors a reason to look through the CF records as part of this case.

Starbucks Releases Apology Letter To Tempe Police Officers Over 4th Of July Mistreatment

I wonder how that uncomfortable customer would have felt if something went down in Starbucks after the officers left.

IRONY! James Comey’s Daughter Will Be Prosecuting Jeffrey Epstein’s Case

The knives are out for Pres. Trump with spurious allegations, rumors, half-truths, innuendo, etc.

MSNBC Host Claims Trump Wants VOTING BASE To See Him DEHUMANIZING “Migrants”

It’s false outrage. Nobody who actually cares about the well-being of these people thinks they’re better off making the journey to come here.

CNN Host Says Trump Has Sabotaged Patriotism; Claims He Wants You To Love Him Instead

Cupp starts her show in typical fashion with her hate Trump creed, then lobs in a few snide Hitler type comments