Sen. Booker — Trump’s Policies Could “Cause People’s Death”

For the last few years, Democrats have used “literally” the same way teenage girls do.

10 Years Later — HBO’s Deadwood Is Back!

Can’t overstate my excitement about this– FINALLY! The greatest show of all time.

Fox News Cancels Judge Jeanine Show For 2nd Straight Week!

Judge Jeanine is very intelligent. She is a no-nonsense person with clear explanations of truth. Her show is always crystal clear and one of the best on Fox.

Meghan McCain RIPS Kellyanne Conway For Not Shaming President Trump

Wow! The View – a program of women for women – and they are trashing Kellyanne and completely ignoring her husband embarrassing her in public

Sarsour Uses New Zealand Tragedy To Push Email Fundraiser

Sarsour has seemed to have all kinds of behind the scenes reasons and objectives in organizing the women’s marches.

Ted Koppel — Trump Is Not Mistaken; The Establishment Press Is Against Him

President Trump is the only one that is pushing back on this tide currently, and he is going to need a lot of help to save America.

Felicity Huffman Hires PR Firm That Handled Press For Trayvon Martin’s Family

If I sound angry, it’s because I am. The truth of the matter is they will probably buy their freedom with some bogus plea agreement

Lori Loughlin Lawyers Up With Former DOJ Attorney!

How about being a moral person Miss Hallmark, admitting you cheated a system and accepting your punishment!

A Mother Takes Legal Action Against Huffman, Loughlin for $500 Billion

In regards to this lawsuit ought to be laughed out of court with extreme prejudice. Even as a plaintiff’s lawyer opening figure, it is an insult to the rule of law.

In Five Minutes, Border Patrol Encountered And Arrested Nearly 500 Illegal Immigrants!

It seems as if Dems want our first line of defense to become a welcoming committee like the greeters at WalMart

Unsealed Affidavit — Email Ties Loughlin Family In With Bribery Scandal Ringleader!

These universities should close their doors to undeserving students and make room for the students who have worked hard to earn good grades.

Brazile Explains Fox News Move — It’s Time For Dialogue, I Want To Reach Across Aisle

Juan Williams, Marie Harf, Jessica Tarlov – now Donna Brazile. All liberals on that oh-so-biased Fox News. So how many conservative contributors are on CNN?

Huffman, Loughlin — Prosecutors Float Plea Deals To Whoever Will Come Out First

Anybody and everybody involved in this sham must serve jail time, plea deal or not.

Fox Corp Hires Former House Speaker Paul Ryan As Board Member

Ryan is nothing but a complete disappointment to many!

Loughlin Once Joked About Money Paid For Daughter’s Education [VIDEO]

Lori’s not laughing now. I’m sure her family is less than pleased too. Get off your high horse Lori and let your daughters earn their way through life.

Strzok — Agency Didn’t Have Access To Hillary’s Private Server Because Of Consent Agreement!

Strzok replied: “We were not. We did not have access,” according to the transcript.

Man Receives $21 Million After Wrongful Murder Conviction — Served Four Decades!

To tell the court and the jurors you didn’t commit the crime only to be charged and sentenced has to be the most loneliness feeling in the world

Fox News Just Made A “Left Field” Hire!

Fox News really wants a 2020 Democratic primary debate so don’t expect this to be their last hire.