DCCC Calls Attention To Timelines Discouraging People From Voting; Twitter Deletes 10K Accounts!

In other words, Twitter banned 10,000 people, not bots, for retweeting memes that make fun of Democrats.

Rihanna Tells Trump Rallies To Stop Playing Her Song; FL To Vote For Guillum To Make History

In seven hours, Rihanna’s Instagram Post garnered over 704,000 likes.

Watch This Awesome Video Where Fresh Water Meets Salt Water

The boundary between the two oceans is visible for some period

Daily Wire Podcaster Suspended After Telling Democrats To Vote Day After Election

The Daily Wire is large enough they can create their own media platform and have conservatives flock there in minutes.

Arrogant MSNBC Filming Crew Take Up TWO Disabled Parking Slots; Will Not Move For Disabled Vet

What makes it even worse was they were asked to move and still didn’t.

Watch Heckler Get Under Obama’s Skin While He Was Trashing Pres. Trump

Obama is claiming the GOP is shamelessly lying, as he and House Democrats claim they are responsible for Trump economic gains

Who Is Really To Blame For The Violence? Political Cartoon Goes Viral

As for Democrats, they have not earned political power and they shouldn’t be given any.

Package Thief Confronted By Homeowner Through Her Security Camera!

How are you that stupid of a thief in 2018 taking people packages off their porch like you have never seen the ring commercial?

Michael B. Jordan Knocks On Atlanta Doors During Get Out To Vote Effort

When Jordan introduced himself to the unsuspecting families, many of them were visibly shocked

This Blexit Organization Seeks To Create 1st Black Owned Credit Union

Blexit applied for grant money to open its own credit union in Minnesota. They were successful.

Politico Poll: 64% Of Americans Say Media Has Done More To Divide Country

Did you ever notice how Barack Obama’s approval numbers never went below 40 percent?

Non-Profit Blexit Notifies Conservative Blexit Of Infringement; Provide Records And Accounts!

It doesn’t look like they are supporters of Pres. Trump from the notice they left on their website.

Google Employees Stage WalkOut Against Company’s Sexual Harassment History!

Google employees stage “Walkout For Real Change” over sexual misconduct

Migrants Denied Bus Service For Last 900 Miles of March To The U.S. Border

Whosever behind this caravan, Republican, Democrat or some guy(s) in Honduras, is a criminal

Organized Bus Operation In Mexico Is Transporting Immigrants

The public realizes that our society can not afford the drain on US and state resources caused by illegal invaders.

She’s Seriously Engaged To A Ghost After Sleeping With About 20

She certainly has a vivid imagination. But hey, if it works for her!