Late Night Comedian Defends Franken; At Least Apology Seems Sincere

We’re watching Hollywood do it, and now our government has been caught covering up the same thing for decades

Levin: McConnell, Ryan Need To Resign After Congress Sex Harassment Claims Cover-Up Exposed!

Levin: Apparently, there are members of Congress who are predators

UCLA Shoplifting Kids Are Back On U.S. Soil Thanks To President Trump!

President Trump spoke to China’s President and the kids are back in their own country.

Hannity Said Roy Moore Has 24 Hours To Explain Inconsistencies Or Drop Out

Hannity gave the Republican U.S. Senate candidate one day to clean up charges of sexual misconduct — or else

Actor Sizemore Was Removed From 2003 Movie Set After Touching Genitals of 11-Year-Old

Actor Tom Sizemore was told to leave a Utah film set in 2003 after an 11-year-old actress claimed inappropriate touching

Duggar Husband Cut From TLC Lineup After He Exercised Freedom Of Speech About Transgender Star

TLC: We want to reiterate that Derick’s personal statements do not reflect the views of the network

Police Interrogation Ends Suddenly As Suspect Has Serious “Flatulence” Problem

A Kansas City man charged with drug and gun offenses ended prematurely when an investigator was driven from the room

Alec Baldwin Suspends Twitter Account After He Went After Weinstein Victim

Baldwin: It was never my intention, in my public statements, to ‘blame the victim’

Corey Feldman Names First Member Of Hollywood Child Sex Ring!

Today, Feldman named John Grissom as the first member of the “sex ring.” Grissom had led people to believe he was living in Mexico but he is living in America.

Spacey’s Acting Student Comes Forward; Says Attempted Rape At 14 Ended Relationship!

A former student of Spacey spoke on the record to Vulture magazine about his relationship with the actor from the 80s.

Liberals Bridges Falling Down — NPR News Chief Is Out Over Sexual Harassment Allegations

She was made to feel uncomfortable after a dinner in which Oreskes talked about sex and inquired about her personal life

Dustin Hoffman Apologizes After Claims of Sexual Harassment, Public Humiliation

In 1985, Anna Graham Hunter was 17 years old and in awe of actor Dustin Hoffman, but he took it […]

Munn, Henstridge and 4 More Actresses Accuse Filmmaker Brett Ratner Of sexual harassment

If there are more of these creeps out there (and I assume there are), the victims had better step forward and soon

Judge Rules: Dallas Cowboys Star RB Ezekiel Elliott Suspended For Next Six Games

Elliott’s chances of returning to the field are growing smaller, but he still has legal options.

If Griffin Didn’t Destroy Her Career With Trump Severed Head Video, Meet Oblivion With This New One!

What she’s done here is show that she can’t be trusted with ANY industry secret

65-70 Percent Of Houston Texans Plan National Anthem Protest Before Today’s Game

The majority of Houston Texans players are expected to kneel during the national anthem Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks.

Corey Feldman Is Ready To Name Names!

Feldman is scared for his life and is concerned that the pedophiles who attacked him are trying to silence him.