Christian Bale Wants Americans To Know He’s Not On Trump Train

Bale will claim ‘freedom of speech,” but so will all of us who have a problem with what he said. That’s how it works my friend.

LiAngelo Ball — UCLA “Forced” Me To Thank President Trump

I bet the Lithuanians are excited about having a reject American with no morals or integrity

Trevor Noah SLANDERS President Trump; Calls Him A Molester

He gives liberals a pass as if it were Friday night at the club and all the women get in free.

LiAngelo Ball Just Found Out Overseas Teams Not Interested; Because Of LeVar!

Even though both remaining sons have name recognition, LeVar’s presence isn’t warranted.

Feldman Vindicated! Sheriff’s Office Finds Lost Audio Detailing Sex Abuse Reports

The Sheriff’s Office has found an audio tape recorded 24 years ago that backs up Feldman’s story

Music Mogul Russell Simmons Steps Down From Label After New Rape Charge Accusation!

America will be changed over the next year because of all of this, I promise.

Angela Landsbury — Women Must Sometimes Take Blame For Where We Are Today

We have to own up to the fact that women, since time immemorial, have gone out of their way to make themselves attractive

Marvel’s Spiderman Tom Holland Releases New Avengers Poster Accidentally; Or Did He?

This is brilliant marketing by the way whether or not this is real.

Crazy Tom Arnold Goes On Twitter Rant Against Trump

Arnold is now claiming Trump beat up a woman in an elevator and there’s a tape that shows the entire incident.

Musician, Actor — David Cassidy, Dead at 67

Cassidy played Keith Partridge and was the half-brother of Shaun Cassidy has a teen heartthrob for years.

Watch Charlie Rose Deny Sexual Allegations Before Apologetic Response

TMZ caught up with former CBS host Charlie Rose as he was entering his NY apartment

Charlie Rose Co-Workers Respond To His Actions; Everyone Needs To Watch This!

I was beyond impressed with CBS, Gayle King and Norah O’Donnell after watch the video below.

Charlie Rose Suspended From PBS! Sexual Allegations Include Groping Breasts, Buttocks; Walking Around Naked!

What’s up with all the sexual harassment and sexual assaults from all of these libs? 

Harrison Ford Directs Traffic After New York Accident Scene!

The victim has quite a story to tell. I was in an accident but saved by Harrison Ford!

Lena Dunham’s Writer Quits; Claims Actress Is “Hipster Racist”

For all you writers who are outraged by what she did, I encourage you to do the same. Especially women of color.

MSNBC Joy Reid — “Trump Is A Proud Sexual Assaulter Of Women”

Reid: He [Trump] actually was proud of the fact that he gets to abuse women physically and grab them, do more than just kiss them.

Late Night Comedian Defends Franken; At Least Apology Seems Sincere

We’re watching Hollywood do it, and now our government has been caught covering up the same thing for decades

Levin: McConnell, Ryan Need To Resign After Congress Sex Harassment Claims Cover-Up Exposed!

Levin: Apparently, there are members of Congress who are predators