Homeless Man Found $17,000; Gives To Food Bank

Police held the money for 90 days and since no one came to claim it, the food bank was allowed to keep it. 

Former NFL Players To Create Spring Political-Activist Driven Football League

Political activism hasn’t been a great marketing tool for the NFL or ESPN, so don’t expect the Freedom Football League to get too far beyond the advertising stage.

Search Intensifies For Woman Missing Since Dec 2

Berreth’s cars are still in Colorado. Police told CBS News they have searched Berreth’s home for clues and are working closely with the family z

Nebraska Principal Bans Candy Canes; Claims “J” Shape Stands For Jesus!

I think the principal is a Christian hater and is making his decisions in so. I thought Democrats were all inclusive, but I guess not.

He Thought He Was Ready! Paris Protester Hit With Flash Ball

Hundreds of protesters were arrested as they prepared to battle with French security forces this morning.

You’ll Die Laughing! Irish People Eat Krispy Kreme For Very First Time!”

The guy with the red long hair and beard is adorable. I love his childish like excitement for donuts.

DiGenova Calls Out Gowdy, Goodlatte! Both Are Embarrassment To Oversight

I know people will come to his defense but let’s look at the facts. Gowdy talks a good talk but have we actually seen any justice? Benghazi, Clinton, Lynch, Obama and his cronies

Border Agents Capture 124 Guatemalans And Hondurans Sneaking Into The U.S.

the group was comprised of adults and children from Guatemala and Honduras – men, women, and children ranging in age from four months to 53 years old.

Fox News Chris Wallace Reminds America About Presidents Incivility During Funeral

Chris Wallace is just as bad as CNN for turning funeral into play by play hatred fest

Trump — China President To Criminalize Sale Of “Zombie Drug” Fentanyl Coming Into US

The mainstream media has virtually ignored this shift, and their silence has kept you in the dark.

INDICTED! Clinton Donor Allegedly Defrauded U.S. Government For Pentagon Contract

If it were me under indictment I would have been in jail already with a 50-year sentence and I would be serving time at the old prison on Magcruddy Boulevard.

Baltimore Woman Fatally Stabbed As She Stopped To Help Panhandler

When Smith pulled up to the suspect, she rolled down the passenger window to hand the suspect the money and another suspect, a male, ran up to the car, stabbed Smith

OIG Finds 3 Counts Of Sexual Harassment Against Unnamed Senior DOJ Official

Senior DOJ Official sexually harassed and retaliated against female subordinates, and abused his authority by coercing female employees in his chain of command to have sex with him.

Politico — National Republican Congressional Committee Was Hacked! Senior Aides Targeted

As of right now none of the information from those stolen emails has been released to the public nor has there been any type of extortion attempt by those who took the information.

Three Guatemalans Seeking Asylum Dropped Their Young Children From 18-Foot Wall To Family Members!

These little kids could have gotten hurt and all because of adults who feel comfortable with breaking American laws.

Trump’s Lawyers Seeks 800K In Fees After Stormy Daniels Failed Lawsuit

Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti objected to the proposed penalty, calling it “absurd and outrageous.”

CNN’s President Jeff Zucker Still Interested In Running For Office – AUDIO

These news people are delusional. He might win a seat in one of those boutique districts where all his friends have pieds-a-terre, but certainly nothing more.

Man Confronts Teacher Over Putting Grandson In Dress For 2nd Day

Why do you think there were so many movies in the 90s and early 2000s where straight black men were dressed as women in their roles?