The FDA Approves A NEW ‘Female Viagra’ Despite Skepticism

U.S. women will soon have another drug option designed to boost low sex drive: a shot they can give themselves in the thigh or abdomen that raises sexual interest for several hours.

Teen Who Lost Her Leg And Fingers During Shark Attack Explains The Moment!

Teen who lost leg, fingers in shark attack describes the moment she was bitten

Journalist Who Claims Trump Sexually Assaulted Her Back In 90s Rejects Idea Of Bringing Charges

Carroll Speaks on Trump Allegedly Sexually Assaulting Her: ‘It Became a Fight… It Hurt. And It Was Against My Will’

Maher Disagrees With AOC’s Concentration Camp Statement And Democrats Using Reparations For Votes

Mahar actually seems to be getting it. I bet he regrets donating a million bucks to Hillary Clinton for 2016.

Chicago Judge Appoints SPECIAL PROSECUTOR For JUSSIE SMOLLETT Case; Actor Can Be Retried!!

Judge Michael Toomin said that Foxx’s unorthodox decision to drop all charges against Smollett absent an admission of guilt was within her authority

Journalist Makes Sexual Assault Claim From the 90s Against President Trump

This accusation comes from E. Jean Carroll, a so-called renowned columnist, who is accusing Pres. Trump of sexually assaulting her in the 1990s.

Trump On Iran Shooting Down Drone — ‘Probably’ a Mistake…’Hard to Believe It Was Intentional’ [VIDEO]

Pres. Trump suggests Iran shot down U.S. Drone by accident: ‘Probably’ a Mistake…’Hard to Believe It Was Intentional’

Bernie Raises His Voice At MSNBC Host Who Calls Out His Position Over Biden’s Civility

Sen. Bernie Sanders yells at MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle over his demand for Biden apology: ‘MA’AM!’ sorry if you disagree

Tucker Carlson Takes On Koch Brothers — “They Are Totally Opposed To Most Conservative Policy Goals”

Tucker has hit the nail on the head. The Kochs brothers are part of fake two party system that turns Conservative candidates into fake Conservative pushing liberalism.

Rarely Do You See A Republican Hold His Own During A CNN “Gang Up On” Panel But Cortes Was Solid!

CNN’s Cuomo and Rye get grounded by Republican over defending Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Concentration Camp’ Claim

Mark Hamill Wants Trump’s Hollywood Star Removed So Carrie Fisher Can Be Placed There

Trump’s star is going nowhere. The City of Los Angeles owns the sidewalk where the star is, the committee that oversees the stars says they are not removing it.

April Ryan Asks Trump If He Will Apologize To Central Park Five; Watch His Response!

White House correspondent April Ryan confronted President Donald Trump over the exonerated Central Park Five, but Trump refused to apologize

WOW! Klobuchar Says Democrats Do PACK Stadiums And Cuomo’s Reaction Is PRICELESS!

CNN’s Chris Cuomo: Trump can fill stadiums. Democrats can’t

Kashuv Used N-Word 11 Times! Fox News Ed Henry Asks: “What Were You Thinking?”

Kyle Kashuv knew what he was saying and why it was terrible. He was 16, not 8. He wrote it many times on purpose, to get a reaction.

Harvard Rescinds College Admission To Kyle Kashuv Who Claims He’s Already Apologized For His Mistake

Kyle Kashuv was offered a scholarship into Harvard a few months ago and now they have rescinded that offer. He believes it was because of the n-word controversy

Homeless Man Got An Awesome Makeover For Father’s Day!!

Green was transformed with a new haircut, new clothes and a new smile. “It’s a blessing. I can see the real me,” he said.

Man Sentenced 20 To Life For Attempting To Carry Out Attack In Major U.S. City

A New York man who attempted to join the Islamic State was sentenced to 20 years in prison after he tried to provide material support to the terror group