Scaramucci Says He’s Been In Connection With Kristol About Trying To Replace Trump In 2020

Trump has delivered or is trying to deliver on everything that his platform was communicating when he was elected.

[VIDEO] ‘End Domestic Terrorism’ Organizer Joe Biggs Says Portland Rally Was Huge Success!

About 300 far-right protesters gathered in Portland for a Saturday rally to “End Domestic Terrorism” in an attempt to call out antifa as the real threat.

WATCH: Politically-Backed Antifa Try To Stop “End Domestic Terrorism” Rally In Portland

For almost a decade after that, Antifa and anarchists, and violent leftists would show up every year for the May Day riots.

Google Employees Accuse CBP Of “Human Rights Abuses”; Starts Petition To Stop Working With Agency

It’s time for Google to terminate 951 of its employees or get boycotted in return. Two can play that game.

[VIDEO] Maher BLASTS The BDS Movement; I Can See Why They Don’t Get A Hero’s Welcome In Israel

I shudder to think if we don’t get rid of these “reps” at the ballot box. And soon.

Witness Comes Forward In Don Lemon’s Assault Case – Reveals Host’s ‘Disgusting Behavior’

CNN has stood by Lemon, claiming that Hice initially asked the host for $1.5 million in order to drop the lawsuit.

Thousands of Twitter Users Unleash Scathing Attack on Melania Trump

Many Trump supporters have argued that such an attack never would have been tolerated against former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Epstein Seen With Young Mystery Woman Before Death – Details Add to Speculation

The visiting attorney said that when he saw Epstein with the woman, none of his known attorneys were present–just the mystery girl.

Jeffrey Epstein Judge Dies Suddenly

He was friendly with many of the nation’s most rich and famous–including former President Clinton who took numerous rides on Epstein’s private jet.

Epstein Autopsy Uncovers Numerous Broken Neck Bones

The investigation into Epstein’s shocking death continues but it may be a long time

Google Insider Mails Laptop To DOJ Showing How Company Manipulates Algorithms Was Done

Can anything be done to Google at this point? Probably not. They are too big and at this late date? 

[VIDEO] CNN’s Scaramucci — Trump’s Allowing For A License For People To Hate Each Other

It’s fair to criticize Trump, of course, but the rambling responses from Scaramucci are weird.

Texas Longhorn Football Players Get Hypnotized And The Reactions Are Priceless

I didn’t think this was real until I saw it for myself

[WATCH] Police Officers Shot In Philadelphia Neighborhood

One person in custody in Philadelphia shooting, someone else is still shooting at police.

Threats Against ICE Workers Heat Up: ‘We Know Where You Live’

Protesters from certain groups have been villainizing individuals and former employees across several states — here are the latest updates

[RECIPE] Dupree’s Oven Baked BBQ Pork Ribs

I will publish more if you are interested in my recipes but you have to let me know. I can’t tell if you don’t respond. 

CNN’s Don Lemon Is Accused Of Sexual Assault

By Daniel M | August 14, 2019 CNN host Don Lemon has found himself in hot water this week after […]