[VIDEO] Impeachment Hearings So Bad Even Chris Wallace is Turning on Them ‘Not a Search for Justice or Wisdom’

You know your impeachment is in big trouble when you lose anti-Trump whacko Chris Wallace.

Opinion: Comedian Ricky Gervais Mocks Trans Activist Jessica Yaniv After Latest ‘Gynecology Stunt’

Ricky Gervais slammed Yaniv with a scathing and brutal response that got over 85K “likes” on Twitter.

Police Officer Involved in ‘Pig Scandal’ Asks Starbucks to Rehire Fired Employee ‘Show Mercy’

The Oklahoma police chief who ordered five cups of Starbucks coffee and was shocked to see the word “Pig” written on the label is now asking Starbucks to have “mercy” and rehire the employee who they fired.

Report: Former Contractor Says Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Made ‘Frequent Trips’ to Epstein’s Compound

According to reports, the compound had a secret basement “strip club” and “party showers” that held up to eight people at a time. Sounds like a great place to take your family and kids…

[VIDEO] Legal Scholar Johnathan Turley Testifies ‘I’m Not a Trump Supporter…This Impeachment Woefully Inadequate and Dangerous’

Once again, Nadler has no “fact witnesses.” He’s presenting anti-Trump academia professors who are in favor of impeachment. WTH?

Report: LA Officer Thought His Bodycam Was Off When He ‘Fondled’ A Dead Woman’s Body

The one officer turned off his bodycam without realizing that it records for 2 minutes after it has been turned off and he began molesting the corpse.

[VIDEO] Behar Offers Creepy Perverted Theory For Kellyanne’s Marriage In-Fighting

The women of ABC’s “The View” know a lot about dysfunctional relationships filled with fighting and backstabbing so it’s no wonder that they chimed in on the marriage of Kellyanne and George Conway.

[VIDEO] Seven-Figure Net Worth Hollywood Star Says Capitalism Has “Failed Us”

Ruffalo is literally the poster child for limousine liberal. Wouldn’t spend a dime on seeing any of his movies.

[VIDEO] Gossiping NATO Leaders Caught On Hot Mic Mocking Pres. Trump

Trump does not support Globalism, and all it entailed, therefore he’s not popular with those that do. Europeans are used to the US going along with all of their plans and paying for them as well.

[VIDEO] Watters Humiliates Williams With Facts ‘Impeachment Underwater in Every Swing State’

I thought the Kavanaugh stunt would go down as the greatest political disaster of all time. Little did we know Dems were about to say, “hold my beer” and actually top themselves.

Report: Rock Legend Carlos Santana Shares How Jesus Saved Him After 7 Suicide Attempts

Grammy-award winning rock legend Carlos Santana has not had an easy life – but his story is amazing and inspiring.

Melania Was Runway Ready When Meeting With The Queen (Photos)

Melania Trump looked as if she just walked off the runway and onto Downing Street to meet with the Queen of England.

Watch These Students Debate On Whether Or Not POTUS Is Racist — America’s Future Is In Trouble!

Ask these students to explain to the rest of America why they feel that way. Their answer and their demonstrated intellect in explaining it will be visible for all other Americans to see.

[VIDEO] Cold Feet? Nervous-Looking Schiff Says He Has to ‘Consult With His Colleagues’ Before Committing to Impeachment

After a failed 2-week public hearing, negative polling, and low-ratings, Schiff is not feeling quite so jolly and confident about impeachment.

Report: Starbucks Manager Fired For Writing ‘Pig’ on Cop’s Coffee Cup Says She Was Treated ‘Unfairly’

In typical “liberal fashion” the cop-hating bully is somehow the “victim”

Report: Washington Post Gets Skewered For Attacking Melania Trump’s Beautiful Christmas Outfit 

Our fake news propaganda media is the most hateful, bitter, envious, mean-spirited secular ghouls around.

Report: Over 120K Lbs Of Bacon, Turkey Products Recalled In Four States

There have been no confirmed reports of illness related to the affected products. If you’ve consumed any of the products and are concerned, contact a healthcare provider.

Report: Barbra Streisand Thinks The Founding Fathers Created ‘Impeachment’ To Stop President Trump 

That great “political thinker” Barbra Streisand is at it again…