Victory! 84-Year-Old Crossing Guard Fired Over ‘Red Flag’ Laws Just Received Some Well-Deserved Justice

This man’s life was ruined because some nosy waitress misunderstood a conversation and then reported it to the police, who then used the states “Red Flag” laws to take his guns…but today Stephen Nicholas has something to celebrate!

[VIDEO] You Can Hear a Bystander Shout ‘Amen!!’ as This Trump Supporter Absolutely Shreds Jerry Nadler’s Staff

The leader of this group was a fiery little blonde lady, and she is mad as hell at the impeachment circus. I think I can safely say that she speaks for the majority of us, and she did a great job!

Opinion: Netflix Tanking Amidst Blowback For ‘Satanic Programing’ and Partnership With Obamas

The signs are all there. The writing is on the wall. Yet, nobody will address the real reason Netflix is losing subscribers and their stock has been downgraded.

[VIDEO] Rush Says Real Reason Schiff and Pelosi Balked at ‘Impeachment Vote’ is Because #SpyGate Indictments Are Coming 

Rush believes that Pelosi and Schiff both know that the DOJ will be handing down indictments in the #SpyGate probe and they’re now scurrying to figure out how to handle the eventual  blowback.

[VIDEO] Climate Kooks Blocking Traffic Are Stunned When a Pissed Off Commuter Ends Their Protest, Onlookers Cheer and Clap

When a group of climate kooks blocked a busy intersection, it was only a matter of time before a pissed off commuter took the situation into his own hands.

Syrian-American Group Launches Campaign to Nominate President Trump for Nobel Peace Prize For Saving ‘3 Million People’

President Trump is one of the most peaceful presidents ever. He uses his amazing negotiation abilities to get what he wants without going to war and creating endless conflicts around the globe.

Jordan Gifts $7.2M To Open Medical Clinic For Underprivileged Members Of The Community

Jordan, Charlotte Hornets’ owner and NBA legend, celebrates and speaks at the opening of Novant Clinic that he donated millions of dollars to in Charlotte

Report: This Courageous Texas Mayor Fought Against a ‘Sharia Law Court’ In Her City, and Won 

Can you imagine? Sharia Law in Texas? It’s almost unthinkable, but it almost happened. 

Megyn Kelly Returns To Fox News And Brings 4 Million Viewers During Interview

Kelly, during the interview, blasted her former employer, NBC for how they handled the sexual misconduct allegation against former host Matt Lauer.

Opinion: Fox News Insiders Dish About The ‘Real’ Shep Smith – Jerk, Workplace Bully, Primadonna, Vengeful

“Shep Smith was a jerk. He was a jerk to work for. He was a jerk to work with. And he was a jerk away from the newsroom and cameras as well.” – Fox News Source

15-Year-Old Sex-Trafficking Survivor Takes Her Life

Rather than helping them to escape back to their countries of origin, we pretend that they aren’t victims and that it’s perfectly normal for someone to be stolen as long as it fits our political agenda

Report: Christian Parents Battle OH School Pushing ‘Embrace Your Homosexuality’ Agenda on 11-Year-Olds 

We must continue to fight for the souls of our children, who are at risk of being snatched and blackened by this twisted progressive agenda that spits in the face of traditional Christian American values.

[VIDEO] Jaw-Dropping Line Started Forming 50 Hours Ago for Tonight’s Dallas Trump Rally

By the time President Donald Trump speaks in Dallas on Thursday night, dozens of supporters will have waited in line to see him for more than 50 hours.

[VIDEO] San Fransisco Residents Are Taking a Cue From Trump and Erecting Wooden ‘Walls’ to Keep Homeless Out

In what can only be called a totally ironic twist of fate, the residents of the “liberal utopia” San Fransisco, are now building walls to keep homeless people out.

Opinion: Father’s Last Fight to Save Son From ‘Gender Transition’ is Unfolding in a Texas Courtroom

This father is fighting to save his son from a tragic “gender transition” being pushed on him by his mother.

‘Nobel Peace Prize’ Nominee Greta Thunberg Urges Climate Protesters to Ignore Police ‘Break The Rules’ 

In an ironic twist, “Nobel Peace Prize” nominee Thunberg is now urging her hordes of kooky climate minions to ignore the law, ignore police, ignore everything and simply “break the rules” in order to fight the “extinction” of humanity.

Flashback: Joe Biden Has Lied for Years About Driver Involved in His First Wife and Daughter’s Death

It leads one to wonder….Has Biden changed the story of how his wife and daughter died, in order to make it sound like a more compelling story out on the campaign trail?