[VIDEO] Man Stabs Woman With a Syringe Full of Semen Inside a Grocery Store 

This man is likely a “serial semen stabber” who has done this to other women. 

Report: Newly Uncovered Evidence Throws Lori Loughlin’s “College Entrance Scam” Case Into Tailspin

There are newly uncovered “notes” that implicate the FBI in an unscrupulous “scheme”

Florida Woman Angry Over Boyfriend’s Cheating, Stuffed Him in a Suitcase, Zipped it up, and Left Him to Die

That man’s last hours must have been absolutely horrific. I can’t think of a worse way to die. 

[VIDEO] Sad Smollett Speaks for First Time on New Charges – Lawyer Has New “Plan” to Quickly Beat the Wrap

Yep, they’re going to try and get Jussie off on a “technicality.” 

Report: Woman Arrested For Punching Stranger in the Face at a Bus Stop “I’m Doing This Because I Hate White People”

This is yet another story that you won’t see on the mainstream fake news media. They don’t want the real truth leaking out.

Smollett Pleads Not Guilty To Creating His Own Racist Attack — Again!

The Leftist media goes to great lengths to make clear these are just “allegations” and have not been proven in court, but at the same time, they are the first to convict anyone on the right for whatever they are charged with.

[VIDEO] Bodycam Footage Shows Terrified 6-Year-Old Sobbing and Begging For Help As Police Handcuff and Arrest Her

Look, I am not condoning kids going wild, but seriously, there wasn’t a counselor on staff that could have stepped in and helped calm down the situation and help the child?

[VIDEO] OH Muslim Community Defends Somali Store Owners Charged With $10M Food Stamp Fraud “Just Helping the Community”

The community doesn’t see anything “wrong” with what these Somali brothers did. They were just “trying to help.”

[VIDEO] Jussie and “Nigerian Brothers” Face Off For First Time Since Hoax During Tense Courthouse Reunion

The smug swagger that Jussie had when he “beat the charges” is now gone. You can see that he’s deflated and defeated.

Report: 11-Year-Old Gives Birth in a Bathtub, Now Her Illegal Alien Father, Mother and Brother Have Been Arrested

The father has been previously deported, but of course, returned illegally back into the United States.