Report: CNN’s Gillum Was Allegedly “Too Inebriated” To Answer Questions; Police Not Pursuing Charges?

I wonder what CNN has to say about this but you won’t hear about this from any of the employees and Gillum probably won’t be seen anymore, so there you have it.

Report: Nation of Islam Follower Murders Three People “I Just Found Some White Men to Kill”

This case is getting virtually no attention from the mainstream media because it is a hate crime that was committed by a black man against whites.

Report: Judge Orders “Chelsea Manning” Released From Jail After Suicide Attempt

Changing her gender didn’t solve all of her mental health challenges? Perhaps it is time to look at an entirely different course of treatment?

Report: After Mother Lied to Police, Body of Toddler Evelyn Boswell Was Just Found on Relatives Property

It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out this mother had something to do with her daughter’s death

Report: Mom Gets Life in Prison for Decapitating 5-Year-Old Daughter Because She Asked For a Bowl of “Cereal”

The demonic mother of a 5-year-old little girl who was slaughtered and decapitated because she wanted a bowl of cereal was just sentenced to life in prison.

Report: Florida “Cannibal” Teen Who Murdered Couple and Ate Husband’s Face, Found Legally Insane

He said “Help me, I ate something bad” and then admitted it was “humans” as he spit out a piece of flesh.

Report: Illegal Alien Released by Chicago Authorities Who Ignored ICE, Went on to Rape 3-Year-Old in a McDonald’s Bathroom 

Every single Chicago “authority” involved in the release of this animal should be removed from office and arrested for rape. Because they are as much to blame as the monster who did this.

[VIDEO] Man Stabs Woman With a Syringe Full of Semen Inside a Grocery Store 

This man is likely a “serial semen stabber” who has done this to other women. 

Report: Newly Uncovered Evidence Throws Lori Loughlin’s “College Entrance Scam” Case Into Tailspin

There are newly uncovered “notes” that implicate the FBI in an unscrupulous “scheme”

Florida Woman Angry Over Boyfriend’s Cheating, Stuffed Him in a Suitcase, Zipped it up, and Left Him to Die

That man’s last hours must have been absolutely horrific. I can’t think of a worse way to die.