Carrie Underwood gives fans close-up of scarred area that required over 40-plus stitches

Many Carrie Underwood online fans were not happy after the country music awards because they didn’t see any scarring on her face.

Underwood had told the world that she needed 40 to 50 stitches for a freakish accident to her face. Many of her fans worried about her,  rallied for and prayed for her. When they saw her at the country music awards, they did not see any changes to her face and felt like they were lied to.

I guess Carrie decided it was on her to prove to her fans she went through a painful time by giving them a close-up of the damage on her Instagram account.

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When Carrie Underwood warned her fans that her face might look different after a freak accident, they were understandably concerned and curious. Carrie has said her piece about her new scars, and now it looks like the “Cry Pretty” singer just wants to get back to living her life. On Friday, she shared a new close-up selfie of her face, and the area affected by her accident is on full display.

However, the point of Carrie Underwood’s recent Instagram post was not to prove that she’s not letting the scarring around her mouth get her down. As reported by Entertainment Tonight, she was simply showing her support for her hockey player husband, Nashville Predators center Mike Fisher. In the snapshot, Carrie is rocking a bright orange Predators cap and making a claw with her hands. She might be casually dressed like a typical sports fan, but she went full-on glam with her makeup. Her beauty look includes a dramatic smokey eye, glowing highlighter, and a liberal dusting of pink blush on her cheeks.

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Some slight scarring is visible around Carrie’s mouth, which is where she had to have 40 to 50 stitches put in after she fell and busted her face up last November. However, the extent of the scarring isn’t nearly as bad as some fans thought it was going to be.

So now that the cat is out of the bag or the picture is online how will her fans react? Underwood did not have to do this, but she probably felt the pressure of so many angry people.

But here’s a tip for the country music star, you are was going to have people that are going to be angry or that are going to be jealous of what you have. Nothing is going to be good enough, and she can’t do everything to satisfy everybody.

Many of you would not even have put the photo up because your word should’ve been good enough to those who supported you, correct?

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