Carl Icahn Just Resigned WH Role; Cites Democrat Critics And Partisan Bickering

Carl Ichan, a friend to the President and Special Advisor, has left his role with the administration after critics said his policy recommendations would help him personally.

President Trump loses another “advisor.” Billionaire businessman Carl Icahn announces he has “ceased to act as special advisor to the President on issues relating to regulatory reform.” Here’s his letter to the President:

One thing to remember when reading that reason, these are civilians and not politicians. Most of them don’t know how to stay in the role they were given amid pressure and media scrutiny.

A lot of these individuals that signed on to help President Trump make America great again are falling by the wayside because of their businesses and reputations.

Icahn wanted Trump to change the blending burden to refiners back in February, but there has been some pushback on in DC, and that won’t likely happen.

Source: Reuters

Icahn’s departure followed a flurry of changes at the White House. Trump on Friday fired his chief strategist, Stephen Bannon, two days after disbanding two high-profile business advisory groups.

The activist investor, who leads Icahn Enterprises LP, was an early and close ally of Trump who was often praised by the Republican for his business acumen. In his letter to Trump, he downplayed his role as an adviser, saying he “had no duties whatsoever.” But his web of financial interests were a lightning rod.

“If he was not willing to admit he was a de facto special government employee, and follow the rules, then he had no place serving in government,” said Norman Eisen, co-founder of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, who served as the chief ethics lawyer for former President Barack Obama.

“His short tenure, marred by serious conflicts allegations, was yet another black eye for an administration that has become notorious for violations of ethics and the rule of law.”

Icahn has been one of the loudest critics of the federal biofuels program, and he was working at price-crushing reforms of the program at the same time he was betting that credits at the center of the program would fall.

If you look closely at his comments he said he does not want to be in the middle of “partisan bickering.” That says a lot in a little sentence. Even with all the others that left, there seems to be much more going on that we are not hearing. I think it is bickering within the Republican Party that is on a self-destruct path.

They do not realize that they are toying with disaster for our party if they “separate and conquer.” I mean, push out Trump’s most valuable team members to take control of the White House. When nobody is left who is loyal to the President, he will not be able to function. Icahn is not going to stand by and watch that happen, an impossible situation that will hurt his friend.

I imagine the Left is pulling out all of the stops to call major industry boards and threaten loss of support, etc. We did not hear anything from the President, rising to the righteous indignation we hear over the Charlottesville situation. There is more.

The stress is showing in the President’s voice. I am utterly and completely disgusted with the situation. They are undermining the President at every turn. They know his number, and they are pushing all the buttons to get this 70-year-old man to fold, mentally, physically and emotionally.

He is strong only as long as he has those around him whom he can trust. These are all new faces, and I believe none. How truly alone he must feel. I think Icahn has seen enough; they are all abandoning the President, perhaps to save their skins and reputations.

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