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Southern Border Invader — Trump Is Anti-Christ; We’re Not Criminals, We’re Workers, Fighters

Is ironic to hear one of these marchers saying that they are workers and fighters as they are running away from their home country.

Does that make sense to anyone?

I pretty much said this was a democrat ploy to influence the midterms. We could stop it all quickly if we wanted to, but full unemployment and a collapsing birth rate make this a political story more than anything. The Democrats are not “out of office.” They do not have a majority, but they have much power in the Congressional seats they have, in the judiciary they control, and in the endless bureaucracy that they still infest.

It comes at about the 1:35-minute mark of this video:

I for one am all out of sympathy for any of those people. That little girl does not move me at all. I am so sick of the way we are supposed to feel sorry for crying children and let everyone in because of it. Where are her parents?

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Claiming that the Democrats cannot be behind something that is funded by someone – just because they do not have the White House and majority control of Congress is just intellectually dishonest.

No one has the “right” to enter any country without that country’s permission! These people must remain on their soil until they receive approval. To me, the sight of a mass of people storming a border entry carrying their national flag is an invasion and must be dealt with accordingly.

Moreover, it is pretty clear to me that the financiers behind this event are trying to use these people as cannon fodder to set up a 21st Century “Kent State” scenario at our southern border.

They must be denied that “victory prize” in any feasible way. Ideally, Mexico will be quietly strong-armed into dealing with the whole mess internally; perhaps with a little U.S. black ops, uh, “assistance.”

I have another solution. The Mexican government should be encouraged to shut down the logistics train of the invading army. No food, water or transportation would bring this to a halt in one day. Establish checkpoints. Give everyone an id card. You have to show it to get water. Anyone who is location is closer to Honduras today than yesterday gets water. Anyone who is walking toward Texas does not.

What are your thoughts about that?

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