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She Was Moving Down The Highway At A High Rate Speed And All Of A Sudden….

Watching this materialize had my jaw dropping until I started writing this and I still don’t know what to think other than I hope everyone is ok.

The first thing I remember was hearing the little kid and the second thing I heard was the kid cry out “Oh no,” which means the kid must have been in a position to view what was getting ready to happen. The impact of the car accident was definitely destructive.

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Source: Rumble Video

This lady was obviously distracted because she drove straight into a row of parked cars at a high speed for no apparent reason. Did her car slip on the road? Was she driving too fast? Perhaps she was texting? Regardless of the reason for her reckless driving, she definitely needs to be more careful because she poses the risk of serious harm.

The scary scene unfolded on a highway when an alleged distracted driver plowed into the back of stopped traffic at around 60 mph, triggering a chain-reaction crash and the whole thing was caught on camera. There is no information about any victims or serious injuries, but hopefully, nobody got hurt.

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