Can You Imagine Walking Off And Leaving Your Toddler? This Woman Did!

This mom decided it was her chance to get away from her 2-year-old in a store but cameras were watching and now she’s in jail.

What possesses a parent to think they can get away with this? I could never leave my daughters because I love them too much and I am sure if you have children you feel the same way but in this case, this mom decided it was her chance to get away.

After doing some digging, I found that the mother’s name is Chiengkham Vilaysane and she left her daughter to fend for herself at Food-4-Less. Anything could have happened to this 2-year-old  and we’re glad she ended up safe but as for the mom, she is now in custody for this heinous act.

Source: Fox 32 Chicago

A young mother who police say abandoned her 2-year-old at a Riverside Food 4 Less store was taken into custody Monday.

Officers were called to the Food-4-Less located at 4250 Van Buren Boulevard Sunday night to reports of a found child. When officers arrived they found the toddler unharmed and in good condition.

Witnesses told officers the mother walked in the store with the child at her side. While inside the store the child wandered off.

The mother reportedly kept shopping and was approached by a good Samaritan who brought the child back to her. The woman simply responded, “Oh just leave her.”

“In my whole career I have never seen anything where out-of-the-blue someone leaves their kid in a crowded grocery store like this,” said Railsback.

The mother then deserted the toddler, paid for her groceries and left the store.

The mother has been identified as 31-year-old Chiengkham Vilaysane.\

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What should be the punishment for this mother? What would you say to the little girl? Share your opinions below.

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