Congrats To Callista Gingrich! She’s Set To Be Named Ambassador To The Vatican

A Gingrich is joining the Trump Administration but it’s not who you think. Callista Gingrich is tabbed to be the next U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican but the paperwork is holding it up.

The Office of Government Ethics is working out the details but it seems Callista will be taking that position very soon. Callista has been a strong member of the Republican party and has worked many charities.

Well deserved … An incredible honor. Newt credits her example of faith with his own conversion. She’s lived an exemplary life as a servant of charity.

Source: CNN

The decision to nominate Gingrich has been made, but the announcement has taken longer than expected pending approval from the Office of Government Ethics, an administration official said.

The White House hopes to formally nominate Gingrich as soon as this week.

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Gingrich is a devout Catholic, telling the Christian Broadcasting Network in a 2011 interview that she has “always been a very spiritual person.”

Gingrich’s husband was a close ally of Trump’s during the presidential campaign and was considered for a Cabinet position, but decided against taking a role in the administration.

Soon after the inauguration, Newt Gingrich told CNN that Trump was considering his wife to be the ambassador to the Holy See.

“She’s under consideration,” Gingrich said.

The former Republican presidential hopeful would not elaborate further on the deliberation process at the time, simply saying he would be “very excited for her” if she were offered the position.

Such grace and class she has been a part of our government before people knew our ex-presidents’ name.

The left is already throwing a tantrum on Twitter:

I wouldn’t pay any attention to these losers. By the way, those that are still ragging on Newt, God has forgiven him for his past sins so back off. He is a brilliant historian and was the leader in balancing our budget during the Clinton admins.

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