Report: After 5 Years and $1 Billion Dollars Down The Drain L.A.’s ‘Homeless Czar’ Calls It Quits

California is a portrait of liberal leadership failure.

It’s a perfect prototype of how progressive ideas and policies don’t work.

Case in point – the homeless epidemic that is spiraling out of control and is a direct result of failed liberal policies is reaching a breaking point.

After creating this massive disaster and mess, Democrats have tried to fix it by throwing taxpayer money at it – to the tune of $1 billion dollars –  and after 5 years of that pointless nonsense, the homeless problem has skyrocketed by 33 percent.

The man who was in charge of “fixing” the homeless crisis has finally thrown in the towel and called it quits.

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Peter Lynn, who led the Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority, announced on Monday that he is resigning. The city’s homeless population swelled by 33 percent since this genius took over.  While Lynn was overseeing the homeless problem nearly 60,000 people were sleeping on the streets, in vehicles or makeshift shelters in Los Angeles.

Of course, as he leaves with his tail between his legs, local (liberal) officials are calling what Peter Lynn did a “success.”

Liberals love to celebrate failure. These people live in la-la land and can’t face reality – which is why nothing is ever properly addressed or fixed.

Despite those efforts, Lynn told local officials this year the homeless population in the LA area jumped by 12% from 2018, mostly because successful efforts to find thousands of folks permanent homes was outpaced by the numbers of those losing their homes, the Los Angeles Times reports.

“Boy, these have felt like some long five years,” Lynn told the Times. “I mean I have really enjoyed this, this role and this gig and I have also felt quite a lot of wear and tear from it.”

Lynn told the news site he’s tried to shift the focus from “personal characteristics of the people who are homeless … to structural factors, like housing affordability, like lack of access to mental health, like lack of access to substance abuse treatment.”

His $242,000-a-year-job involved coordinating the numerous layers of government homeless services across Los Angeles city and county, as well as 88 local governments, according to the Times.

Local officials insist Lynn did an excellent job despite the obviously growing problems, which are driving complaints of defecation in the streets and promises from the Trump administration to intervene.

“Peter’s leadership of LAHSA came at a time with Angelenos took historic action and made generational investments in confronting the homelessness crisis,” LA Mayor Eric Garcetti said in a prepared statement. “He served for five years, with dedication, in one of the toughest jobs – and I thank him for all he did to bring more resources to our most vulnerable neighbors.”

County Supervisor Janice Hahn also praised Lynn for transforming the LAHSA into a massive bureaucracy.

“Peter led LAHSA through a historic expansion, from a relatively small agency managing shelters, to a multimillion-dollar organization implementing both the county and cities’ homelessness strategies,” she wrote in a statement. [American Mirror]


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