California Governor (Pelosi’s Nephew) Asks Federal Gov’t For Help After Earthquakes

Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s nephew, California Governor Gavin Newsom has sent a request to Washington, DC, asking for federal assistance after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake slammed the coastal state on Friday.

Newsom’s office released a statement on Saturday:

“On behalf of all Californians, I offer my heartfelt support to those affected by tonight’s earthquake near Ridgecrest. The State of California will continue to offer support to aid residents in the region,”

Newsom also was able to tweet out an update to what happened to the state on Friday:

“Earlier this evening I formally requested a Presidential Emergency Declaration for Direct Federal Assistance to further support emergency response and recovery in impacted communities”

How many of you notice how liberal, sanctuary states become dependent on federal money to manage their natural disasters after not wanting to help the federal government protect the citizens against crime, including illegal immigration?

Is this the first earthquake California has experienced? Couldn’t they proactively budget for the inevitable threat of another big one? Has there ever been significant rain and flooding in Houston, Texas? I guess hiring engineers capable of building around the risk is not essential. Has Oklahoma ever experienced a tornado? Every time the wind blows the governor is quick on the draw to get federal assistance; never mind that starting in April of every year, the state knows there will be funnels.

How about good ol’ Louisiana? Is it a surprise to anyone that Louisiana (might as well throw in the entire gulf coast) will experience another hurricane? Here again, the state government acts like an abused child running to the aid and comfort of their momma every time one hit. Pathetic state government behavior to be sure, but why do they do it? I believe it can be summed up in three words when grouped form the basis of modern-day slavery, “Federal Income Tax.”

Abolish federal income tax, and the states would no longer have an excuse for their complete and accepted incompetence in the face of natural disasters. In this case, as in other, California embraces the opportunity to demonstrate their dependence; perhaps hoping that a less educated citizenry would overlook their incompetence, or their inability to challenge the federal government for stealing away a portion of their citizen’s labor in the form of earnings.

Here’s how I feel. California’s refusal to cooperate with federal law about illegal immigration enforcement requirements must be reversed before Pres. Trump lifts a finger for emergency aid request.

It’s not like the state is going to support Trump during 2020 anyway, so he’s not losing anything for asking that request.


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