CA Passes Bill To Stop Workplace ICE Raids Even Though None Have Happened Yet!

It seems California has decided to preempt Immigrations and Customs Enforcement raids to round up illegal aliens with the passing of this legislation.

Under President Trump, there have been no workplace raids on the books, but that won’t stop California who is trying to think of everything to protect illegal aliens from being deported.

I’ve always heard Californians are free thinkers who are laid back and don’t care about that much, but that doesn’t speak for the entire state. The Democrats are in full revolutionary mode, the party of in your face illegality. And the Republican party doesn’t care enough to stop them.

Source: SACBee

Assemblyman David Chiu says his bill, AB450, aims to prevent workplace raids and make sure President Donald Trump follows the law in his efforts to deport millions of immigrants living in the country without authorization.

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“This bill is about ensuring that if Donald Trump wants to send 10,000 ICE agents into our workplaces, that he do it legally,” the San Francisco Democrat said, referencing Trump’s plans to hire more Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to crack down on illegal immigration. “We need to stand up for our immigrant families, we need to stand up for our immigrant workers.”

Advocates of AB450 said they haven’t seen workplace raids in California since Trump took office. But Steve Smith of the California Labor Federation — an organization supporting the bill — said the new administration has emboldened immigration enforcement agents, and there’s concern they will begin targeting businesses.

Assemblywoman Blanca Rubio said she supported the bill as a former undocumented immigrant.

“I know firsthand the fears, the stress, the confusion of trying to survive moment by moment knowing that you can be torn from your family and be deported at any time,” the Baldwin Park Democrat said.

Republican Assemblyman Travis Allen said the bill puts employers in an uncomfortable position by limiting them from cooperating with federal law enforcement. Fellow Huntington Beach Republican Assemblyman Matthew Harper said the measure would hinder immigration officials from doing their jobs.

President Trump needs to stop sending OUR Tax Dollars (which are what Federal Dollars are – Government produces NOTHING!) to these Seditionists!

This is going to get interesting. If California spent as much time defending small business owners and the Middle Class as they do illegal aliens maybe everyone wouldn’t be leaving.

Whether it remains part of the United States or secedes to become its own country California will still go down in flames. The left has super majorities in the state assembly, and I think they hold every statewide elected office. When the ultimate economic meltdown commences, the lefties won’t have any Republicrats to blame.

Do you think the U.S. should just wash their hands of California and leave them on their own? It seems the Democrats who have a huge say in the state aren’t thinking clear and would rather do things to hurt others.

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