Russian Bankers Sue Buzzfeed Over Unverified Trump Dossier Story They Rushed To Print!

The liberal rag online magazine called Buzzfeed was just sued by three Russian bankers for defamation over their unverified Trump Dossier story they published a few months ago.

Buzzfeed told the world, they didn’t know if the information was real but they needed to get it out and then check it’s authenticity afterward. That didn’t play well with the conservative side of politics as it made outlandish claims against President Trump and his alleged association with Russia. Those of us with common sense never believed it and now Russians are suing the online magazine.

Source: Daily Caller

Three Russian bankers lodged a defamation lawsuit against BuzzFeed this week over its publication of an explosive and unverified dossier on President Donald Trump compiled by former intelligence agents and his political enemies.

Mikhail Fridman, Petr Aven, and German Khan, three billionaire bankers named in the dossier, claim that their personal and professional reputations have been adversely affected by BuzzFeed’s Jan. 10 article, the first medium by which the salacious document reached the public. All three have close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

These magazines, blog sites and information spots need to realize they can’t continue to do this to individuals and establishments without consequences.

The dossier names all three men in a scheme to manipulate Putin and the 2016 presidential election for personal and financial gain. The businessmen claim that all of the offenses in which they are implicated in the document are false.

“Even though the dossier included many harmful allegations about plaintiffs … and even though BuzzFeed expressly acknowledged the unverified and potentially unverifiable nature of the dossier’s allegations, BuzzFeed published the unredacted dossier and the article anyway,” their complaint reads. The complaint also alleges that BuzzFeed did not contact the three plaintiffs in advance of publication to allow them the opportunity to respond.

Hopefully, the amount is so huge, Buzzfeed has to shut down operations. The more these websites are close down, the more truth-based websites can start expanding their reach. As we know, most online traffic love a conspiracy more than the truth.


Wayne Dupree

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