Butt-Hurt Jeb Uses Deadly Hurricane Dorian to Take Potshot at President Trump

Petty and classless loser Jeb Bush is using the devastating and deadly hurricane Dorian to take a desperate potshot at President Trump.

Can you go any lower than that? 

It’s clear by Jeb’s shameless actions that he still hasn’t gotten over the humiliating defeat that President Trump dealt him back in 2016.

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As a matter of fact, this man is so incredibly butt-hurt, that he’s having a “chuckle” at the expense of injured and dead people, and millions of dollars of damaged homes and businesses, in order to “mock” President Trump.

Gee, Jeb, you’re quite a guy.

Failed GOP presidential candidate and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has managed again to anger both liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans. How? By mocking President Donald Trump with a Hurricane Dorian-related retweet.

The retweet from documentary filmmaker Billy Corben consisted of a viral video of a Palm Beach man suggesting that the military just drop some ice in the water to stop the devastating storm.

“All this warm weather and warm water … we have a Navy,” the man says. “Why don’t the Navy come and drop ice in the warm water so it don’t, so it can’t get going as fast as it’s going?”

“These storms need warm, warm water and it’s using all the surface water to keep it up,” Tampa station WTVT notes. “As it’s using all that water, water from underneath comes up and it’s cooler down below … it just causes the storm to weaken.”

When Corben originally uploaded the video to his Twitter feed on Sunday, he captioned it with the words, “Donald Trump’s new FEMA administrator. Because Florida.”

It was meant to mock the president over a refuted viral mainstream media report from a week ago claiming that the president had suggested the government stop potential hurricanes by dropping a nuke on them. The report was based on anonymous sources.

On Monday, Bush retweeted the whole tweet and added his own caption: “I love my State.”

Below is the actual offensive retweet from Jeb.

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The reality is that people like Jeb are the ones creating divisiveness in this country.

Their unhinged contempt for President Trump has completely eliminated their humanity, and clouded their ability to use common sense and show kindness.

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