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Buffalo Evades An Attack From Lions And Crocodile At The Same Time!

Wow! Incredible! Here’s the lesson of the day, never give up because help is on the way.

This was jaw-dropping from start to finish. That buffalo was so brave, it just refused to capitulate however many lions were surrounding it. Then it was surprised with the danger beneath the water as well and just a bit further on the buffalo is united with the rest of the herd. All around, it’s amazing footage.

If only the buffalo could enact these tactics of group protection every time the lions come. They would stop getting killed and the lions would have to move onto other prey.

This is exactly what means to look at the eyes of the fear. A brave Buffalo didn’t give up, fought in water and on the ground and this made him the winner! In life, the same thing applies: when you stop fearing and counteract a problem – you’re a winner. Such a wonderful example that nature showed us.


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