Epstein Brother: Jeffrey Had ‘Unexplained’ Wrist and Shoulder Injuries

According to his brother, Mark, convicted pedophile Jeffry Epstein had “unexplained” wrist and shoulder injuries.

Mark says the injuries were discovered on his body during the autopsy.

His brother is now calling on the Department of Justice to release all forensic medical examiner files, including slides and autopsy photos so that he can independently verify how the death occurred.

In August, the New York City Medical Examiner officially listed Jeffrey Epstein’s death as a suicide by hanging.

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However, Mark argues that there are far too many suspicious circumstances surrounding his brother’s death to rule out homicide. Also, he’s wondering why investigators haven’t shared the so-called “evidence” they have that proves it was not murder.

Anyone with half a brain knows that Jeffry Epstein didn’t kill himself.

In addition to three bone fractures in Jeffrey’s neck, according to autopsy files provided to Fox News, Epstein had two contusions on both of his wrists, an abrasion on his left forearm, and deep muscle hemorrhaging of his left deltoid or shoulder.

“Those are unexplained. Was he handcuffed and struggled? Was someone holding his wrists? The marks on his wrist are unexplained,” Mark told Fox News.

The autopsy described the injuries as “faint, red contusions” located on the back of Epstein’s right and left wrists.

The convicted sexual offender’s brother is also waiting for further information on how Epstein’s neck bone fractures could have occurred in “a soft hanging.”

Famed forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden – a Fox News contributor who was hired by Mark to observe Jeffrey’s autopsy, who also has questions about the neck bone fractures – says that, while he observed the wrist and shoulder injuries on Epstein’s body during the autopsy, it’s premature to determine if those were the result of a homicide. [Fox News]

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Dr. Baden says the timing of the injuries is critical. Espestin’s brother has tried to go through several channels to get his brothers complete file, but he’s been getting the runaround and now, finally, was told that he would have to go through the DOJ.

Did the injuries happen a week before or at the time of the incident? We have to look at the microscopic slides to see when the injuries occurred,” Dr. Baden said. “The brother requested this information three months ago and he still has not gotten it.”

Mark claims he first tried to get his brother’s complete file from the New York City Medical Examiner’s office on Aug. 16, but was told it had to go through the Department of Justice.

“They’re playing games,” Mark told Fox News. “I’ve done the appropriate requests with Justice twice, and have heard nothing. I was told someone is looking into it.”

When reached for comment about why the ME’s office had not released Jeffrey Epstein’s complete file to his next of kin, Aja Worthy-Davis, executive director of public affairs at the Office of Chief Medical Examiner said: “We received a request in the last 72 hours and are reviewing at this time.”

Both Mark and Dr. Baden said they would like to examine all of the files to find out why Jeffrey Epstein’s cause of death was changed from “pending further study” on the day of his autopsy to “suicide by hanging” five days later.

“Ordinarily it takes weeks or months to determine a cause if it needs further investigation,” Dr. Baden said. “They felt like they had enough information to complete their investigation in five days. What was that additional information?” [Fox News]


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