Brooklyn Gone Wrong: 1-year old shot in head, Shooter still on loose; No planned Rally for Al Sharpton yet….

The US always had always violence. However, with the population ever growing, and gangs and thieves being able to get their hands on illegal guns at rapid pace, scenes of the Wild West and Old Chicago have returned. Add the sad fact that immigration remained unchecked as our factories shut down, decade after decade. The inner city kids see their parents work their a_ _es off, and have yet to attain anything. They turn to crime because it pays, at least short term.

Long term, it’s eventual they will get caught. Today, there are no strong deterrents to prevent crime. We recently had a young teen in the news who was arrested for first degree murder (OK / Aussie) actually dancing and laughing at his arraignment. To him the death penalty had no meaning. Are we supposed to bring back public executions, or televised events in the gas chamber or electric chair? Don’t know the answer when even the death penalty is laughed at.

Cops investigate the area where the shooter opened fire on Bristol St.

I’m just wondering how long these crimes will go on in these crime-ridden neighborhoods before all these politicians and leaders come out in protest. Is it because they just don’t know who to protest against, or is it just too horrible for them to blame their own people. There are more good people in these neighborhoods than bad, yet they seem to get no voice as to the violence they have to live with. Gangs get bigger and bigger by the day. Gangs like Crips and Bloods are all over the US, and probably in other countries, as well. It seems nothing can be done about them. Other gangs crop up all the time threatening good decent people in their neighborhoods. Let’s hear a civics lesson on this.

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The shooter hasn’t been arrested.

There has been an injustice here.

This is black on black crime.

No Al Sharpton scheduled to march

Same ole racist Al

Wayne Dupree

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