British Official Concludes Trump Is Harder On Russia Than Obama

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson once said that “Trump’s approach to politics has gripped the imagination of people around the world.”

Boris has a point. He’s not agreeing with what Donald Trump says but stating an actual fact. Trump has got people talking and engaging in politics rightly or wrongly.

Johnson also sees Trump’s relationship with Russia in a different light than the media outside of the United States. He feels Trump is harder on the Soviet Union that Barack Obama and once again he has another point.

Source: HITC

Boris Johnson, the British foreign secretary, has defended Donald Trump’s handling of relations with Russia, saying the US president has taken a more uncompromising approach towards the Kremlin than Barack Obama.

Johnson, speaking in Australia on Thursday, voiced strong support for the way Trump had handled what he termed “the Russia problem”. He rejected allegations that Trump was too close with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and said the US had been resolute in maintaining sanctions over Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

Johnson offered high praise for Trump’s “kinetic” response to the Khan Sheikhoun chemical attack in Syria in April. “When you look at how the Americans responded to the Syria crisis, they’ve been more hardline against the Russians than the Obama administration was,” Johnson said.

“Actually, the Americans responded to the barbaric massacre on 4 April, when up to 100 people died in a chemical weapons attack, by kinetic action, which the Obama administration never did. It is the Americans who have been tough on the Assad regime’s convoys, and so I think just look at what they’re really doing.

“Is it fitting and right for the president of the United States to have any kind of personal relationship with Mr Putin? Well, I think, actually, it is. He didn’t meet him until 20 July, and they had a lot to discuss,” he said…..

It seems our media wants Trump to take us to war with Russia but you never heard the alphabet networks ask Obama to get tougher as he allowed many things to happen and let them get off the hook.

Either way, this is one more knock at our media and how they are lifeless segments of hot air speaking to their echo chambers of low information voters.

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