British Ex-Mi6 Officer In Hiding After Released Trump Dossier

It seems President-elect Donald Trump enemies and back stabbers will stop at nothing to see him fail as commander-in-Chief.

If you been hiding under a rock over the last couple of days you have missed how the intelligence community and the mainstream media tried to take down Trump with a fake story allegedly pulled from a dossier created by a former Mi6 officer now in hiding.

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Christopher Steele who lives in Great Britain has gone into hiding after his questionable work he’s blowing up in his face. When he is caught I wonder what his punishment will be.

From BBC News:

An ex-MI6 officer who is believed to have prepared memos claiming Russia has compromising material on US President-elect Donald Trump is now in hiding, the BBC understands.

Christopher Steele, who runs a London-based intelligence firm, is believed to have left his home this week.

The memos contains unsubstantiated claims that Russian security officials have compromising material on Mr Trump.

The US president-elect said the claims were “fake news” and “phoney stuff”.

Mr Steele has been widely named as the author of a series of memos – which has been published as a dossier in some US media – that contains extensive allegations about Mr Trump’s personal life and his campaign’s relationship with the Russian state.

Among the allegations are that Moscow has a video recording of Mr Trump with prostitutes and damaging information about his business activities. ‘In fear’

BBC News correspondent Paul Wood said he understood Mr Steele left his home on either Tuesday or Wednesday, before he was publicly named, and was now “in hiding”.

I did not know if you look at this like I do but we are living in dangerous times when a published piece of work, as fake as it is, can be spread around on the Internet as fact. Hey many people had not come out against this document it could have been seen as a factual piece of work thus destroying Trump before he got started to make America great again.

What I think is really funny is the Trump haters that latched on to this document once again have pie all over their face.

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