British Aid Worker Alan Henning Target Next by ISIS for Execution

The man who could be next on the ISIS kill list is a British aid worker who went to the Middle East to help refugees in northern Syria — and who thought just months ago that the militants would release him because he was on a mission of mercy.

Alan Henning was threatened at the end of a video released Saturday that shows the execution of fellow Brit David Haines.

Twitter users who claimed to know Henning say he’s from the Manchester area.

“HOLY S— I KNOW THIS MAN,” said a tweet from @SaiyanSyrian. “The man ISIS are threatening to behead is an aid worker who went with a British humanitarian convoy to help Syrians.”

Henning went to help refugees near Idlib when ISIS abducted him around Christmas.

A band of armed masked men separated him from his fellow aid workers, according to Middle East journalist Tam Hussein.

Britian’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office was investigating the kidnapping behind the scenes, Hussein told the Daily News via Twitter.

Henning was warned not to go into Syria, but he did so anyway because he felt he was needed there.

Wayne Dupree

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