Breitbart Editor Joel Pollak Explains “WAR” Tweet On MSNBC While Destroying CNN

Steve Bannon, former White House Strategist was fired on Friday and some will say he resigned a few days ago but one thing is for certain, is going to WAR.

Joel Pollak stressed will go after Hollywood and the mainstream media, Democrats and the Republican establishment. They will also go to the White House if they deviate from the promises made during the campaign, to make America great again.

MSNBC is no different than CNN they are both liberal left-wing nuts who just plain hate Trump because he made fools of them in the election win.

We’re not an alt-right website, we don’t have alt-right editors.

Pollak also destroyed CNN in this interview around the 7:00-minute mark.

Source: Twitter Video

Hashtag ‘War” has been our motto since the days of Andrew Breitbart. And we use it whenever we go to war against our three main targets which are, in order- Hollywood and the mainstream media, number one – the Democratic party and institutional left, number two – and the Republican establishment in Washington, number three… Our mission remains the same as it has been before Trump, as it was after he was elected and as it will continue to be.

In watching this video, I think that Pollack gave up on a few of the topics for the sense of being bi-partisan. I do not believe the left wants free speech for our side. I don’t believe the left wants to cohabitate with us for anything. They want our destruction and Pollack knows that but I think he was being nice.

Pollack also gave MSNBC too much love I think. I was shaking my head but I did applaud going after CNN.

Both CNN and MSNBC are basking in the cesspools they have created. Neither mainstream media lying organization can beat the reruns of Yogi Bear cartoons in the TV ratings. Yogi Bear as a result of this TV rating coup is being rewarded with extra picnic baskets while this mainstream media hacks sniff the sewage floating around their faces.

Being an attack dog is exactly what we need Bannon doing right now, Trump will be fine as long as he cuts McMaster loose as soon as a good opportunity presents itself.

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