BREAKING NEWS!!!!! House Oversight Committee Announces Investigation of Tiversa and Its Relationships with Federal Agencies Including the Federal Trade Commission

FTC vs LabMD case stayed!!!

David Defeats Goliath!

Breaking news update to the story, How Is The FTC Running A Cancer Detection Laboratory Out Of Business Good For Consumers?

It seems Congress is FINALLY paying attention to the story of LabMD and the FTC investigation the Atlanta small business endured for years. The FTC vs. LabMD case is stayed as the House Oversight Committee announces its  investigation of Tiversa and its relationships with Federal Agencies, including the FTC.

From the initial phone call LabMD received from Tiversa alerting them Tiversa was in possession of a LabMD file containing patient information, CEO Michael J. Daugherty instinctively knew something was amiss.

After requesting more detail of how exactly Tiversa came to ’discover’ the 1718 file, they were told more information would be forthcoming if LabMD entered into a services contract with Tiversa.  When LabMD refused to hire Tiversa for cyber security mitigation services, the 1718 file landed in the hands of the FTC who began an investigation of LabMD in 2010.

After years of success bullying much larger businesses into signing consent decrees, the FTC never saw this one coming, a relentless small business owner from Atlanta, Georgia would not do as those who came before him.  Instead Michael J. Daugherty stood up for what was right, refusing to accept punishment when the FTC could not explain to him what he and his company had done wrong.

LabMD’s case is one all American’s should follow as it illustrates the problems faced by our current system:

An out of control government whose scope and size bleeds into every aspect of our lives

Congress writing broad laws and turning over the specifics of enforcement to unelected regulatory bodies with little oversight and accountability

Government’s protection of croynies before the American people

The continued failure of investigative journalism in exposing the corruption in D.C. well before a business must either acquiesce, or close their doors.

For more information on LabMD’s epic journey thus far, check out the book, Devil Inside the Beltway and check back on as we will continue to follow the case until its completion.


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