Breaking: “Enforce the Law Act” Passed by the House

It feels good to know that the American people have a few great men and women serving in the House of Representatives who still care deeply about their commitment to uphold the Constitution. Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) is one of the Representatives who has proven his commitment time and time again. Gowdy introduced H.R. 4138, also known as the “Enforce the Law Act,” which was designed to address the lawlessness coming out of the executive branch. Specifically, the law would give either chamber of Congress standing to sue the executive brand for failure to “faithfully execute the laws of the United States.”

Today the law was passed in the House of Representatives with only five Democratic supporters.

Gowdy has made news over the last 24 hours due to a pretty impassioned floor speech he gave, which is typical for the South Carolina Congressman. He called out the president on his ongoing practice of using an ‘executive pen’ as a substitute for following the law as outlined in the Constitution. Gowdy said,

Mr. Speaker, the House of Representatives does not exist to pass suggestions. We do not not exist to pass ideas. We make law.

The White House put out its Statement of Administrative Policy, saying that if the bill passes both chambers the president will likely veto it. You can read the entire statement here.

Via Screen Grab
Via Screen Grab

Basically the White House is saying that the president would veto this legislation because Congress is violating the separation of powers by trying to make the president stop violating the separation of powers. Yea..

What I find odd about all of this is that while the president continues to skirt around the law, he decides to ‘play ball’ with the Republicans by saying he would veto this.  As great as it is that the House took the initiative to pass this bill and make a bold statement condemning what the president is doing, there is a really good chance that it will die in the Senate. So the question for me is, why would the president give Republicans another reason to get their base excited to vote in November when he really didn’t have to? Either the Obama administration is off their game (unlikely) or, something fishy is going on.

Wayne Dupree

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