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[VIDEO] Brazile Dismisses Away Biden Cursing At Michigan Voter: “He’s A Man Of Passion”

The reason why Americans are tired of politicians and pundits is that they lie too much.

Individuals like Donna Brazile can’t appear on television and tell the truth because they wouldn’t be on the tube anymore, representing their political party or place of interest. Brazile knows that Biden cursing out a Michigan middle-class worker was wrong, but she had to spin it into something positive, however hard that should have been.

Brazile said she has known Biden for 30 years and said that he “will speak his mind.” Ok, so what you’re telling me is, regardless of how wrong or inappropriate, Joe will always speak what is in his feeble mind. I understand. Donna, you are right out of your damned mind! No one gains supporters by insulting or threatening them. The Democratic Party has gone nuts.

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“I think he gained hundreds of votes. He’s a man of passion,” the former interim Democratic National Committee chairwoman told “Fox & Friends.”

Brazile said she has known Biden for 30 years and said that he “will speak his mind.”

Biden was in the state stumping for votes in Michigan, the biggest prize among the states voting Tuesday with 125 delegates at stake. He later handily won the primary race with over 52 percent of the votes.

“You’re full of s— … I support the Second Amendment,” Biden told autoworker Jerry Wayne in a dispute caught on camera.

Wayne shot back, “You’re working for me, man,” and told Biden that he saw an online video supporting his claim that Biden is hostile to the Second Amendment. [Fox News]

Her statement is bizarre. Trying hard to remain relevant.

Biden is obvious that he wants to make semi-automatic rifles away from lawful owners, yet, no Democrat has ever addressed the FACT that semi-automatic rifles account for less than 1 percent of the annual homicides in our country.

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The sad truth is that suicides account for 2/3 of the gun deaths per year, and nearly all of the remaining 1/3 of gun deaths – approximately 12,000 per year – are committed by criminals who illegally purchased a handgun outside of the Federally-regulated system.

Most of these homicides are committed with handguns in the forgotten parts of the cities in our country where the Democrats have abandoned the people: Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, etc. If the Democrats want to reduce gun violence in our country, it is time that the police and make safe the dangerous parts of our cities and reduce the large numbers of illegal weapons that come across our porous southern border.

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As for Biden, I’m sorry, but if that’s passion, then Trump is not showing enough passion. Seriously, not even Trump yells at his voters like that. He will flame opponents, and people have public power, but never the individual voter. If that’s passion, then harming a child is full passion.

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No, Donna, he doesn’t gain supporters. He doesn’t lose any, either. What we have are two sides—each entrenched like the soldiers of World War One. Neither needs to play to their base, that won’t change. No, the “deciders” of this election are the few in the middle. And “passion” is not what they’re looking for.


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