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Brazile Explains Fox News Move — It’s Time For Dialogue, I Want To Reach Across Aisle

Fox News has hired Donna Brazile and many are throwing tantrums at the decision. They are thinking about the future of the network and where exactly are they going.

Being a person who looks at news across the spectrum, distills it for the kernels of truth and makes up his own mind, I quite agree with her, staying in your own echo chamber does not make an informed electorate. I am questioning why choose Brazile?

This isn’t a case of having someone on Fox News with a different point of view; there are plenty of them from time to time. Brazile has proven herself to be unethical and she will not draw an audience on her own.

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After what she did at CNN, why would any network touch her? Say you’re a business owner and you find out a job applicant betrayed her previous company and gave trade secrets to a competitor. Would you hire them once you found that out? I wouldn’t.

“I’ve been on and off Fox the last 15 years, but this is an opportunity to reach across the aisle, to reach even within my own political party and to independents and others who might want to hear what’s happening within the Democratic Party.”

“I want to be able as a Democrat and a progressive and a liberal to talk to the Fox family, because they’re Americans and they care about many of the the same issues and concerns that I have,”

Juan Williams, Marie Harf, Jessica Tarlov – now Donna Brazile. All liberals on that oh-so-biased Fox News. So how many conservative contributors are on CNN?

Be careful about Fox News; they are not what they appear to be to some. Liberals still think Fox is the “conservative” news org. But the fact is they are not what they seem to be to some.

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They are part of the cabal of corps/families that own over 90% of the legacy media. It is there to play the “other guy,” so sheep can come on message boards like this and gaslight conservatives and say “you have to believe it now, even Fox is reporting it.”

If you pay attention over some time you will see that they only push the same narratives as the rest of the MSM. If you want real news to try, search for OAN.

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