Brad Pitt Tells ‘Straight Pride’ Parade Organizers To Remove His Image From Their Website

I do not know or am I speaking for this ‘Straight Pride’ parade but in the grand scheme of things and if things are fair in the progressive Utopia of life, straight Americans have a right to be proud as much as any other sexual orientation without discrimination.

However, that doesn’t mean you can use someone’s likeness for advertising purposes if you don’t have their permission and Brad Pitt called out the promoters of a Straight Pride parade as they used his photo and likeness to promote their agenda.

Brad Pitt has hit back at “Straight Pride” parade organizers after they used his photo and name as promotion on their website.

The actor, 55, ordered Super Happy Fun America, the organization behind the parade, to take down his name and image from its website, a source close to the actor with knowledge of the incident confirms to PEOPLE.

The organization flaunted Pitt as its mascot, writing on its website, “Congratulations to Mr. Pitt for being the face of this important civil rights movement.”

Where Pitt’s name once was it now reads “[redacted]” while “censored” signs have replaced photos of the star. []

Well, it seems that Brad made his decision for his career. In our current socio-political environment in this country, it would seem prudent for every celebrity to refrain from supporting any initiative. There’s no way to keep from offending someone in this day and time, and that is just so sad. Now, before you get upset, hear me out please: why don’t we all learn that we have our differences and we mind our own business?!

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As for “Captain America” Chris Evans, he called out the Straight Pride parade in a sarcastic, antagonistic tone:

What I don’t understand is how people who say they want to be treated equally have to push their lifestyle drawing attention to themselves. I don’t care what color you are or who you decide to sleep with but if you want to “fit in” you need to stop with the look at my attitudes and to draw attention to yourselves.

If someone feels strongly about an issue, it is their right to talk about it, celebrate it, and solicit support. If you agree, give them the support; if you don’t agree, don’t provide them with the help, but do not try to destroy them.

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In other words, let’s go back to a “Live and let live” mentality. I feel no need to state my lifestyle preference publicly, it is my own business, and I choose to keep it private. People who know me, and most who are just acquaintances, understand that I have nothing to hide. I am just a person.

I don’t need to tell anyone anything, none of their business. I also do not need to choose sides in any issue unless someone is being denied fundamental Constitutional rights, then I will state my opinion.

There is nothing prideful about being gay just as there is nothing prideful in being straight. Pride comes with accomplishment.

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