Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect, 2nd Got away on foot – Detailed Press Conference

There’s a huge police operation underway in the town of Watertown near Boston following the shooting of a policeman on the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Police have confirmed one suspect has been killed …and that the other suspect is still at large and is connected to Monday’s Boston Marathon bombing. Residents of Watertown are being told to remain inside.


According to State Police Colonel Timothy Alben, the night’s outbreak of violence began about 10:30 p.m. police received reports of a robbery of a convenience store in Kendall Square near MIT. A few minutes later, an MIT police officer, who has not been identified, was shot multiple times while in his cruiser at Main and Vassar streets, near Building 32, better known as the renowned the Stata Center on the MIT campus.

The officer was pronounced dead at Massachusetts General Hospital.

A short time later, two men carjacked a Mercedes SUV at gunpoint, and the owner of that car was able to flee at a gas station on Memorial Drive. The SUV proceeded out Memorial Drive toward Watertown followed by a long train of police vehicles in pursuit.

At one point during the pursuit, the two suspects opened fire on Watertown police and a Transit Police officer, who was shot and who is now in critical condition at a Boston-area hospital this morning.

During the gunfight, the man known as Marathon suspect #1 was wounded. He was taken into custody and later died at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Alben said.

Police have since been searching for the other bombing suspect.

The night’s chaos began about six hours after law enforcement released images of suspects in Monday’s Boston Marathon bombings that left three people dead and 170 wounded. After responding to the shooting at MIT, police streamed to Watertown, sirens blaring.

There, the night was punctuated with gunfire and explosions.

Police warned that spectators were in danger. At Arsenal Court and Arsenal Street in Watertown, an officer bellowed: “Ya gotta get outta here. There’s an active shooter here with an active explosive. Go!”


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