Boston Globe Editorial RIPS Elizabeth Warren Before Her Official 2020 Presidential Bid

The Boston Globe tore into Sen. Elizabeth Warren a day before she officially joins the 2020 Presidential race.

The Washington Post unearthed a Texas Bar registration card for Warren where she claimed she was an ‘American Indian.” After years of claiming she had not used this designation to get ahead, now there was vivid proof she had.

Claiming to be an American Indian predates her employment at Penn and Harvard, but it would be interesting to see her personnel file at the University of Texas to see what she told them.

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I’ve told many of my radio listeners to take a real look at how she wrote the word ‘Indian.” I think she made that choice at the last minute, but either way, she falsified this document and should have her law license revoked because of her actions

The Boston Globe (BG) decided they weren’t going to give her a pass for this egregious action, they responded with a stinging rebuke of what she did, and I think they even tried to give her sound advice.

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The BG said that Warren should have put this all to rest back in 2012 when she ran against Republican Scott Brown. They, the newspaper, feel as if voters would be willing to forgive and most past this incident if she apologizes, which she hasn’t done yet. Or at least an honest apology, anyway.

I believe that Americans do not like liars and those that keep on moving as if nothing happens is unforgivable.

Warren put herself in this predicament. She has said that listing herself as an American Indian was made with no ill intent, not understanding how insensitive it was. She did it, she says, to honor relatives who’d passed down stories of their native ancestors.

Critics long ago settled on the conclusion that she listed herself that way as a cynical ploy to exploit affirmative action policies at universities. There, it’s important to note that an extensive Globe investigation last year found no evidence that Warren listing herself as a Native American helped her legal career or her hiring at Harvard Law School or any other law school where she taught.

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The information on the Texas bar registration card was collected for statistical purposes, and there’s no indication it was shared with anyone. If it was all a scheme to further her career, then Warren’s not very good at scheming.

Still, much of the political damage is already done, and Warren’s never going to silence critics like President Trump, who gleefully taunts her in racist language. Warren took and released a DNA test last fall confirming she has some ancestry dating six to 10 generations ago, but that did little to defuse Trump. And among white voters who resent affirmative action, the issue is probably going to be a lasting political liability.

But many Americans are still making up their minds about Warren. And she shouldn’t presume that the scrutiny of her past is going to end as she formally launches her presidential campaign.

Original article via The Boston Globe

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It’s absurd to state that Warren didn’t enjoy any gain from her claim. There’s no way to know that. No hiring manager would ever say that Warren was 3rd most qualified candidate, but she got the job anyway because she was Native American, even if that’s exactly what happened.

In addition to her written claims about being Native American, she almost certainly conveyed that information verbally in job interviews as well. She was trying to spread the word that she was a minority.

Why did Warren press this claim based on some vague family folklore about a possible thin strand of Native American blood? The answer is obvious; she knew racial identity had the power to elevate her over her career competitors.

Anyone that “has” to connect themselves to a group that was slaughtered in mass, probably isn’t what they claim. Actual victims feel a lot of pain and shame and heartache. My great-grandmother was truly Native American on my mother’s side, but then again I was adopted too.


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