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Border Patrol Detain RECORD 1,036 Illegal Border Crossers And It’s Not At A Port Of Entry!

Well, there you have it.

The Border Patrol at El Paso rounded up a record 1,036 illegal aliens to crossed over into U.S. Territory on Wednesday morning, including more than 60 unaccompanied minors.

Doesn’t it seem as if Homeland Security is fast-tracking these aliens into jobs here in the U.S. Meanwhile, 12 million Americans do not have jobs?

Homeland security is feeding, giving them medical care and housing. Meanwhile, millions of American families live in poverty, 12 million American children go to bed hungry every night, and millions of Americans can not afford healthcare. I do not understand this.

Agents patrolling the border near El Paso encountered the largest-ever single group of Central American migrants crossing the border at one time. The previous record migrant group consisted of a group of 430 migrants who crossed the border near El Paso on Monday, according to information obtained from El Paso Sector officials. Prior to that agents apprehended a single group of 424 Central American migrants who crossed the New Mexico border near Antelope Wells one month ago.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials reported that the 1,036 migrants apprehended early Wednesday morning consisted of mostly Central American migrants including 934 family units, 63 unaccompanied minors, and 39 single adults, NBC News reported. The migrants traveled to the U.S. from Guatemala (515), Honduras (135), and El Salvador (76).

“Immigration advocates say more immigrants are traveling in large groups because they believe in ‘safety in numbers,’ as conditions along their journey are treacherous,” NBC News reported. “U.S. officials say the large groups overwhelm medical teams and border agents, who are most often patrolling in pairs.” [Breitbart]

They are getting tired of waiting in Mexico and are heading over in a different location. I’ve noticed that we no longer have pictures of large masses of people in Mexico, we are no longer hearing about them. They are breaking up into groups and coming over.

Getting tough means putting them all on a boat and back to Mexico. Unattended children should be dropped off at Mexican orphanage and if they don’t have one, taken to the nearest city hall or government facility. Mexico lets them in and lets them cross; then it must take responsibility for them. American federal law says, NO!

We all work hard and don’t ask our government for a dam thing. And now millions of illegals ask, and my corrupt government gives it to them, people from other countries who have never paid a dime into the system. Betrayal at it’s finest.

The solution to this is ugly and almost unthinkable, but it MUST be done. We will sink if millions of uneducated, peasant culture illegals continue to waltz across our border. It’s them or us frankly. We better wake up.

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