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Chief Border Patrol Agent Corrects CNN; People That Rushed Border Were Not Asylum Seekers!

Gee, these people sound like just the kind of upstanding kind of people everyone should want in their country (sarcastic).

If law and order is to prevail, we need to find out who’s responsible for the horde and make some arrests and prosecute!

A border chief went on CNN, and as the network usually does, they tried to frame narrative in a way, that the guest would find themselves agreeing but not this one. Rodney Scott is the Chief Patrol Agent San Diego Sector, Border Patrol and he shoved that heartstrings narrative off the table to deliver some truth about whether or not these were asylum seekers.

How many of you knew about the projectiles? These are violent criminals throwing deadly rocks and bottles at US Border Patrol officers. To let them come into our country would be ridiculous. They will never assimilate and will simply be a drain on our society. They’ve already been offered asylum in Mexico.

“If they were truly asylum seekers, they would have just walked up and surrendered and that did not take place,” says the Chief Patrol Agent, San Diego Sector Border Control, defending the decision to use tear gas.

Let’s clear something up here, and I am glad this Chief Patrol agent said it first. Anyone of the could have walked into an embassy or consulate in their home country and applied. They didn’t because they know they have no legit claim.

They intend to break into our home than go into hiding.

Failing that they would claim asylum then disappear after being released. The only way to stop this is to deport them to their country to await the outcome automatically. Make sure there they gain no advantage from breaking the law.

This border Chief spoke the truth about how they’re using women and children as human shields. I’m surprised CNN didn’t cut his mic off and claim “technical difficulties” (which in modern-day journalism means saying something contrary to the liberal narratives).

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