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Border Crossers And Illegal Aliens Complain About Border Conditions!

Border crosses, caravan sneakers and illegal aliens that are being detained at the border are complaining about conditions as if they were not used to them in their home countries.

This was poor planning on the part of these people. They didn’t come through properly. They came in a huge massive group. It probably would have been easier to process a few at a time. They came hoping for the best but didn’t prepare for the worst. They seem to expect the government of Mexico and eventually, the US to take care of them.

I’m sure it’s disappointing, but it isn’t the obligation of the Mexican  US governments to take care of them. Don’t we already have enough entitled people in our country already?

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The Trump administration is facing growing complaints from migrants about severe overcrowding, meager food and other hardships at border holding centers, with some people at an encampment in El Paso being forced to sleep on the bare ground during dust storms.

The Border Network for Human Rights issued a report Friday based on dozens of testimonials of immigrants over the past month and a half, providing a snapshot of cramped conditions and prolonged stays in detention amid a record surge of migrant families coming into the U.S. from Central America.

The report comes a day after an advocate described finding a teenage mother cradling a premature baby inside a Border Patrol processing center in Texas. The advocate said the baby should have been in a hospital, not a facility where adults are kept in large fenced-in sections that critics describe as cages.

The state of human rights in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands is grave and is only getting worse,” the immigrant rights group said in its report. “People are dying because of what is happening.” [Associated Press]

I’ve got a solution, go back to the lavish living you had in the beautiful place you came from. And by the way, if all the people that are held in that place are where you came from, I wonder what the U.S. will look like when there’s 40 or 50 million of you in it.

What did these thousands of caravan migrants expect when they left their homes and their belongings with nothing to support them to travel over thousands of miles into another country? They force their way into Mexico, taking advantage and disrupting the lives of the Mexican people as they passed through their towns, leaving debris and destruction in their wake.

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They flatly refused asylum, jobs, education, and protection from Mexico because they insist they would get into the US, completely ignoring the warning that the migrants wouldn’t be allowed in unless they follow the procedure of asylum. Which they violated when they already refused Mexico’s offer. Now they are sitting at the border with nowhere to go, facing the consequences of their actions, blaming Mexico for not accommodating their invasion into their country.

They thought they could demand rights of a country they are not citizens of, overload the system and expect Mexico and America to feed and house them for nothing. If this is how they act in their own country, is it no wonder their country is in the condition they are in. Maybe it is time these people get a backbone, go back home and improve their country instead of invading other countries and turning them into what they fled. It is disgusting to see thousands of military age men sitting around doing nothing, expecting to be supported free of charge, and attacking our border with rocks.

Build the Wall.


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