BOOM! Megyn Kelly SLAMS Obama silence on Kate Steinle’s murder by illegal immigrant in EPIC segment

Megyn Kelly asked Thursday night why President Obama has been silent on the murder of a California woman by an illegal immigrant in San Francisco.

On Friday night, the wheels came off during this segment on the Kelly File when host Kelly’s passionate plea for some type of WH response reverberated on both sides of the country. She was pissed!

Kelly contrasted the lack of White House reaction to the president’s direct comments on the deaths of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin and Freddie Gray. She noted that Josh Earnest declined to comment this week about the murder, referring questions to DHS officials.

Kelly pointed out that administration officials went to the funerals of Brown and Gray, while the DOJ deployed to Ferguson and Baltimore to investigate.

“But for Kate Steinle? Nothing. No comments. No swarm of FBI agents. No DOJ investigation. Nothing. Why?” she asked.

Watch this segment:

What did you think about this segment? Some felt as if Megyn missed her mark on really making Fowler answer his false assertions. Drop us a line to tell us how you feel about it.

H/T – Fox News

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