Booker Ignores Millions Settled For Congress Sexual Assaults Payouts; Claims 16-Year-Old Pages Afraid of Roy Moore

Sen. Corey Booker claims 16-year-old pages are reaching out to him and claiming they are afraid of Roy Moore being elected to the Senate.

Booker and the Democrats want to use Moore as a boogeyman because of unproven allegations and accusations against the Alabama Senate candidate. What doesn’t make sense is millions on top of millions have been spent to hide sexual assault payouts, and Booker didn’t say anything about the pages being afraid of Congress members.

How many of you believe Booker? Something doesn’t seem right about him or his claim especially after this “shush fund” was exposed. How many times did Booker hold a press conference or speak against Sen Al Franken or Rep. John Conyers?

Watch the video here:

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Once again. Booker is trying to sell that pages are not afraid of the Congress members who were assaulting staffers and settling cases, but are terrified of a Bible-toting Christian who stands up for God publicly being hit with unproven allegations and accusations?

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Wayne Dupree

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