Bombshell! NY Times says there’s nothing to Trump’s off the record tapes


Ben Smith, Buzzfeed’s editor in chief, wrote a story that Mr. Trump reportedly told the NY Times that his extreme position on deporting immigrants was fluid and developing.

Senators [score]Ted Cruz[/score] and [score]Marco Rubio[/score] along with members of the #NeverTrump movement jumped on the opportunity to go after Trump last week, demanding him to give permission to the NY Times to release off the record interview tapes.

Now we find, there’s nothing to it according to the NY Times. As we know, the NY Times and Donald Trump do not get along but if they had something they would insist in spreading it, don’t you think?

From The Washington Examiner:

New York Times opinion page editor Andrew Rosenthal insisted Wednesday that his newspaper is not covering up a big story by refusing to release an off-the-record portion of its interview with Donald Trump.

In a Wednesday blog post, Rosenthal told Times public editor Margaret Sullivan that portions of the meeting were meant to be “off the record. But he acknowledged that a recording of the board’s talk with Trump was shared with other reporters at the Times, which may have resulted in some details being leaked to the public that were intended to be kept private.

He said, however, that the Times is not covering up any information related to the presidential campaign that would be crucial to the public’s knowledge.

“These [editorial board] sessions are not about news gathering for stories,” Rosenthal said.

Looks like Trump wasn’t lying to the American people and Cruz went too far in trying to back him into a corner. Check this out:

This has to hurt! Both candidates that this was the nail in the coffin to challenge Trump’s immigration policy. Now we see that there’s nothing to it according to the news organization that held the interview.

Now you have to question the judgment both senators who colluded on information without the proper venting of its authenticity.

h/t – The Washington Examiner, NY Times

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