ABC’s Karl Tried To Defend CNN But Bolton Was Ready With This Awesome Response!

ABC News’ Johnathan Karl felt like playing defense for CNN since the White House denied CNN an interview with White House national security advisor John Bolton.

Bolton is not one for playing the politically correct game with the opposition media. He

Source: Mediaite

On This Week today, Karl first asked Bolton about Trump’s attacks on the press in general and how it contributes to the environment wherein dictators like Putin actually repress free speech.

Bolton responded, “I think the question’s silly.

Karl then brought up the CNN kerfuffle and asked, “Is it really appropriate to deny a news organization access to a White House official because a reporter tried to ask a question at a press conference?”

In reality, I don’t seek out the press, I don’t talk to them,” Bolton responded, “I appear when I’m asked to, and if I’m not asked to appear, I don’t do it. And I don’t communicate with them either, as you could find out if you consulted your friends in the Washington press corps whom I don’t communicate with.”

CNN doesn’t have a single show in the top 20 cable news shows, that should tell you something right there. In airports all over the globe, people there are forced to watch CNN and that by itself is why their numbers are still inflated to a certain point.

If Rod Rosenstein wanted to bring these Russian GRU officers to justice why would he have a big press conference announcing the indictments? Why wouldn’t he have sealed the charges until the perpetrators could possibly be lured to the USA to face justice? Now there is entirely no way justice will be served.

Just watching all these liberals melting down. Hilarious stuff! The opposition media praised Obama for bashing and ignoring Fox News for eight years and then whine because Trump treats CNN in the manner befitting their behavior. And no, it’s not the asking of “tough questions,” it’s making things up and rude behavior that bothers people.

CNN’s continued attacks on Pres. Trump needs to end. I fully understand they represent the Democratic party and it is time for them to come out of the closet and quit trying to portray themselves as an unbiased source. They were wrong about the election and in my opinion, are trying everything they can to manipulate the next election. It is not Russia that we need to worry about but networks like CNN who have a clear agenda. I encourage everyone who supports a free press and expects a news channel to be unbiased to boycott CNN along with the rest of the alphabet networks.

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