MSNBC Anchor Wants Ken Blackwell To Distance Himself With Trump; Watch This!

Ken Blackwell is a man among men. He’s been a strong Republican figure and has worked with Presidents and the NRA for years.

Alex Witt of MSNBC is an emotional anchor/host who wants to tear/rip at President Trump for her network and use strong Republicans to help her do her job. Believe it or not, some Republican guests will forget their convictions and turn into Judas Iscariot on the hot seat, but that isn’t Blackwell.

Witt started off the show using the term “alleged” when speaking about what Trump was supposed to have said behind a closed-door meeting with congressional lawmakers. When she started asking Blackwell questions, she threw the alleged annotation out with the bathwater and started pushing as if she knew Trump said racist things about Haiti and Africa.

If you listen to the interview, she even changes the narrative to sound like Trump was speaking about the people who lived in the countries.

Blackwell was on to her and constantly tried to reign her in, but she acted like she didn’t want to hear from his common sense approach. She raised her voice as if she were personally hurt by this and we all know she hasn’t traveled to Haiti or Africa for a vacation anytime lately.

Witt showed how bias she was in this video and Blackwell showed how the more matured human being should react to liberal hysteria. In all actuality, he gave an awesome template of how to deal with the mainstream media and keep cool.

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I wish I were like him because in my current state I could have met her on the emotional playground at the same tempo and reactionary time but watching Ken helped me learn a few things.

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