Blackwater Founder Says Trump, Mattis Not Really Behind Afghan Plan, It’s Obama-Lite

Blackwater Private military Founder Erik Prince is calling out the Trump Administration over their latest call to add troops in Afghanistan.

If you ask Prince, he would rather bring soldiers home and work his 5,000-plus organization into the theater to take care of ISIS and anyone else who thinks they can kill Christians and slaughter those not in the Islamic fight for radical fundamentalism.

Prince said Trump and General Mattis were probably not on board with this decision, but they went along with it because of the military leadership that now occupies the White House. He also said this move is a continuation of the Obama policy in the region that can’t net results but will continue to become costly.

Source: The Hill

This is a kind of Obama-lite policy,” Prince told The Hill, referring to President Obama’s 30,000 troop surge in 2009 in Afghanistan. The increase brought the total number of troops in the country to more than 100,000 in 2011 before a rapid drawdown.

This is a lighter but almost as expensive version. Remember, the Pentagon now is spending as much as when they had five times as many troops in the country. It’s horrendous how they’ve lost control of the spending. That’s what makes this so unsustainable,” Prince added.

The president is expected to send about 3,900 additional U.S. troops to the country, on top of the 8,400 already there. In his prime-time address, Trump declined to say how many troops he would send or reveal a firm timeline for how long they would serve there.

Prince is doubtful that the president and Defense Secretary James Mattis are fully behind the strategy.

I don’t think the president loves this plan, I don’t think Secretary Mattis does either. He’s not even on the same continent,” Prince said, referring to Mattis’ current trip to the Middle East and Europe.

If you listen to Prince, he seems very passionate about wanting to help President Trump but feels too many Generals are in the kitchen and the Commander-in-chief might have been backed into a corner, which includes information from the Pentagon.

Trump has said on numerous occasions that he loves the military and he loves how they take care of the country, so surrounding himself with so many military leaders makes sense but could it be too much?

I think Prince is very level-headed and understand the problems that we face in Afghanistan right now. I back his decision to use his organization to fight, and I even think he would get more Americans to join his team if that were the case.

Hopefully, President Trump considers this down the road. Private military organizations follow their own rules while our armed forces wait for orders from Washington, DC. Let me break it down like this. Prince’s organization doesn’t answer to lobbyists and terrorist apologists. Members of our government do, and they have prevented us from winning any war the last 10-plus years.

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