Black Voters Overwhelmingly Support Dem Candidates During 2018 Midterms - 90%

I think it is time that many of you start to realize the truth about trying to win minority votes from the Democratic party.

Over the last year the, Turning Point USA along with Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens promised an Exodus of black voters to the Republican Party.  They used Fox News along with Twitter and even created a movement with T-shirts. What they missed one important thing, they forgot to go into the black neighborhoods.

When you are courting the vote of someone that is supporting another political party or that has never voted before you have got to communicate with them, but that does not mean through social media. That means that you have to cultivate your communication on a regular basis through interaction. You will also need to have some form of optics to show what you are speaking about works.

The 2018 Midterms are over, and one thing is for sure. Still, I’m not too fond of polls, but the reason why I do not put my faith in surveys is that when they are taken and reported on, what you hear on these news stations is that the nation thinks that way when in reality it is only the people that you polled. How can those people speak for an entire nation?

CNN reported that the exit polls showed women favored the Democratic party 59-40% while men supported Republicans 51-47%. Pew Research also concluded the gender gap was as wide as it has been for the last two decades.

Source: Pew Research

The exit polls show divisions across racial and educational groups, too. As was the case in the 2016 presidential election, white men voted Republican by a wide margin (60% to 39%) while white women were divided (49% favored the Democratic candidate; as many supported the Republican).

Blacks voted overwhelmingly (90%) for the Democratic candidate, including comparable shares of black men (88%) and black women (92%).

When gender, race and education are considered together, women college graduates stand out for their strong preference for the Democratic candidate (59% favored the Democrat while just 39% voted Republican). Whites with less education – particularly men – supported the Republican. White men who do not have a college degree voted Republican by about two-to-one (66% to 32%).

Among voters who said this was the first midterm in which they voted, 62% favored the Democrat and just 36% supported the Republican.

When I heard support for President from among black men had doubled, I had to check the numbers. Even though I found out that the original number was 9% and later had gone up to 18% it was still a small number of individuals that had been polled.

If these numbers are true, this is why the Democrats won the House on Tuesday and also why Fox News hasn’t talked about this since.

The national exit poll found that more voters said their midterm vote was to oppose Trump (38%) than said it was to support him (26%); 33% said Trump was not a factor in their vote. The midterm vote also was highly correlated with views of Trump’s job performance: Among those who approved of the president (45% of all voters), 88% voted for the Republican. Among the larger share who disapproved (54%), an overwhelming percentage voted Democratic (90%).

Do not get me wrong, there are many black voters out there that do support present trunk, and who are not being polled, but when it comes right down to it especially during an election, the Democrats still hold the key to black Americans who vote.

I think the Republican Party is also missing out on black Americans who do not vote which is a larger number than those who do. Many nonvoters have concluded that voting does not help. I was in a barbershop one day, and I was listening to a man who walked in and was talking about the elections here in Baltimore.

He said that he was telling young men not to vote because of the system which I took him to task because I felt to change the system you had to participate in. We had a tense back-and-forth that day, but I realize that he was hurting a lot of younger black man. This is happening everywhere, not just that barbershop.

When I get a chance, I speak to young people to find out what they are thinking. That is what the new generation of younger black conservatives need to start doing. Stop trying to fight for votes on Twitter and Facebook, and go into the community and compete for votes.

Stop arguing about the past, and start explaining an agenda to help move the conversation forward. How many times have I said to use the term “black plantation,” is a  denigrating way to start the discussion.

If you want to win minority votes, start talking to minorities and stop being afraid. You won’t win everyone but you start small and grow. Stop thinking there is a magic pill to make a huge change because it’s not true.

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