Black Student harasses White Student over dreadlocks on campus – Not his culture

Sorry sister girl. You get no support for this one. You acted foolishly.

A San Francisco State young black student apparently took issue with a white student’s choice of hairstyle. In the video (below), she can be heard telling him that he is appropriating her culture.

The officials should firmly reprimand her with suspension and once allowed to return to school, probation for at least one semester academically and behaviorally. She had no right to put her hands on that man and who is she to tell anyone what type of hairstyle they can wear. This is the USA, and you may wear you hair how you like.

The Root reported:

In a recorded video, the black female student appears to get physical after telling the white student he was appropriating black culture.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to confront someone you think is appropriating an aspect of your culture. And one student could find herself on the wrong side of things after a video went viral.

San Francisco State has launched an investigation after a video of a black student confronting a white student was posted online.

The young black woman apparently took issue with the white guy’s choice of hairstyle. In the video, she can be heard telling him that he is appropriating her culture.

Imagine if the people from India stopped a black woman with a weave. A person should do their thing. Remember when a black person was well spoken and was accused of being white…acting white?

What are your thoughts after watching this confrontation? What should happen in the form of discipline or should there be any? Share your opinions (below) and add this to your Twitter/Facebook timeline for discussion.

h/t – The Root

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