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Shirley Husar Exposes! Black People In LA Live In Cages! [VIDEO]

I am at CPAC 2019, where I met up with conservative activist Shirley Husar of Los Angeles, and she has a story to tell.

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Actually, I should say formerly of Los Angeles because she is moving out, leaving the city of the Angels because it’s getting too bad, especially for Black Americans. Shirley does a lot of community work along with her activist speaking and outreach. She’s been doing this for a while, trying to bring a spotlight to Orange County.

The Progressive agenda has taken up Black Americans and spit them out as if they were lower than the dirt. Husar wants change in the deteriorating neighborhoods but what can you do without help. She has spoken to Republican leaders, given speeches, talked to those in need and she is tired of the inactivity to fix the problem.

The displacement of Americans in California it’s not a fantasy it’s a reality. California has become the template of social progressive movement in Rapid form. Illegal immigrants refugees and immigrants have prioritised themselves within the state.

And yet American people are now living in cages because the infrastructure of struggle EBT WIC anything of assistance no longer goes priority to them but to those who come here for free good trades and services. The federal government has not paid attention to California and its disease it’s fleas its typhus and is homeless Americans.

We’re down to 6% African Americans veterans as well as family with childrenare put into cages see the video.

This is the outcome of chain migration. Or their families have priority over our families. (Shirley Husar)

So many so-called fixes have been pushed but rarely is their fruit from that tree.

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Americans are dying out here on the street, and if you didn’t see this video, you wouldn’t know how bad it is. I watched this video tonight at the table, and my heart went out for these Americans in cages. Politicians shouldn’t be able to get any sleep when their city is this bad.

How does anyone put their head on their pillow at night watching videos like this and have a clear conscience? The California politicians are not doing anything of major importance to fix this, and they need to be held accountable.



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